Potato & Scallion Latkes (Healthier Alternative for Chanukah)

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Looking for a healthier (but still delicious!) alternative to fried latkes for Chanukah? These scrumptious Potato & Scallion Latkes by chef Paula Shoyer are baked not fried — and definitely fit the bill.

You may remember Paula from our Thanksgiving Sweet Potato Tartin recipe & giveaway. If you missed out, I’ve got good news — Paula is back to share another delicious and seasonal recipe with the KOAB audience. And another chance to win her wonderful cookbook.

Best selling author of The Healthy Kosher Baker and the new Healthy Jewish Kitchen, Paula studied at the elite Ritz Escoffier School in Paris.

Her first love was pastries, but since families cannot survive on chocolate babka alone (mine would surely try!), Paula has expanded her repertoire into the savory arena, with an emphasis on easy and healthy dishes that don’t sacrifice tradition or flair.

“I take traditional recipes and make them easier, more modern, and healthier says Shoyer, who has competed on the Food Network’s “Sweet Genius” program.

I write cookbooks so that I can bring my recipes into your kitchen to inspire you to try something new, to cook from scratch and enjoy eating with the people you love while creating food memories that you can remember for the rest of your lives.

Try out this simple, healthy AND delicious latke recipe from Healthy Jewish Kitchen.

Check out Paula’s Healthy Jewish Kosher cookbook for her pickled applesauce recipe, which she serves alongside these latkes. I guess that means Paula is on Team Applesauce! 😉


  1. Ketchup

  2. Rebecca Starr says


  3. Shifra Gerber says

    Team whichever we have in the house!

  4. Susan Press says

    I am definitely an applesauce with latkes lover.

  5. Jen Singer says

    Definitely ketchup!

  6. Team Applesauce all the way!

  7. Applesauce!

  8. Definitely apple sauce but we like certain flavors. Sometimes my daughter uses honey mustard dressing

  9. Alayna Angus says


  10. Team applesauce, but most of my family goes for the ketchup!

  11. Chava Rosen says

    Sour Cream!

  12. Oh 100% homemade applesauce!🍎

  13. Robin Young says

    Applesauce forever! And chunky is even better!

  14. Esther Merzel says

    Team applesauce for sure!

  15. Kira Sunshine says

    Totally team applesauce!!

  16. Lisa Solomson says

    Team applesauce!

  17. Team applesauce. But my husband eats them with sugar.

  18. It depends. Mostly, I like my latkes ‘naked’ but if I’m eating dairy it’s sour cream all the way! (With meat, applesauce works, too)

  19. Homemade applesauce!

  20. Team Salt. Sometimes Team Horseradish or Wasabi.

  21. I like plain or ketchup. My son prefers ketchup, mother-in-law likes lots of applesauce or sour cream.

  22. I grew up with applesauce only but now enjoy sour cream as well!

  23. Applesauce:)

  24. Hummus, ketchup, or mustard. Apple sauce too.

  25. Applesauce

  26. Susanne Rosenhouse says

    Plain, all the way.

  27. Sour cream or Greek yogurt

  28. Devorah Lowenstein says


  29. Dani Halpern says

    CHUNKY applesaue

  30. Tracy Landsberg says

    Definitely sour cream during the week and applesauce on Shabbos when we are fleishig.

  31. Team Applesauce for me!

  32. Jennifer K. says

    Team sour cream!

  33. Totally Applesauce!!

  34. Plain. Hot and fresh

  35. Applesauce!!!

  36. Applesauce is yum! Or avocado too. Try that!

  37. Yummm plain please

  38. Yummm plain please no thanks for toppings

  39. Applesauce!!

  40. applesauce

  41. Applesauce! But also, a good latke doesn’t need ANY topping!

  42. Team (homemade) Applesauce

  43. Applesauce!

  44. Both!

  45. Neither! I like them as is but I would choose applesauce over sour cream.

  46. Very much applesauce

  47. Tara Diamond-Kule says


  48. Devorah Bahn says

    Team applesauce!!!!

  49. Applesauce + latkes = delicious!

  50. Applesauce

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