Need a Pesach Pantry? Get Thee to Aldi!

I was Aldi the other day and noticed one of their special, limited-time buys -- and thought to myself: This would make a perfect Pesach pantry! (My 13 year-old, who was with me, was only slightly mortified that I was taking a picture of them. "Why … [Read more...]

Passover Menu Plan 2017

With less than a week until Passover, I have finally put pen to paper (technically fingers to keyboard) and come up with a menu plan for Pesach. I like to plan out the whole week in advance, not because I'm super organization, but because that's … [Read more...]

Don’t Forget: You Can Kasher Your Keurig for Passover!

Updated: 3/30/17 Calling all Java addicts: Here is some welcome news in the "one less appliance I need to buy for Pesach" department. According to the OU, your Keurig can be kashered for Pesach. The coffee maker must be cleaned well and not … [Read more...]

18 Foods That Don’t Require Special Kosher for Passover Certification (2017 UPDATE)

Updated: 3/29/17 Today I'm sharing 18 food products that do not require a special kosher for Passover certification (hechsher). This is not an exhaustive list, so be sure to consult the various Passover guides for more products. Save, pin, or … [Read more...]

Ten Plagues “Shtick” Ideas for Your Passover Seder

Image via Martha Stewart Remember this one? Four years ago, I introduced seder "shtick" for the Ten Plagues at our seder and our kids LOVED it so much that they ask for it every year. I hope you won't find this too irreverent, but here is is what … [Read more...]

THIS JUST IN! Coconut Oil Kosher for Pesach Without a KLP Hechsher (2017)

YOU GUYS! So, as you know by now, in years past, the OU has said that Spectrum Coconut Oil does not require a special KLP hechsher. Last year, however, the OU Guide to Passover said that it was going to require a special KLP hechsher to use the … [Read more...]

Trader Joe’s Organic Coconut Milk – Kosher for Passover without Special P Hechsher!

Update 3/29/17 Wow! KosherCheck (formerly BCK) is my favorite kashering organization EVER! They are incredibly responsive and kind. I reached out to them after this post went viral and got verbal confirmation that this product IS permitted … [Read more...]

What’s Kosher for Passover at Trader Joe’s {Updated for 2017}

Update 3/29/17 Are you signed up for the Kosher on a Budget Passover Newsletter? Subscribers get my FREE seder planning checklist. Because I know you love Trader Joe's... I spent about two hours walking the aisles of my Trader Joe's today. I … [Read more...]

43 Non-Food Items That Don’t Need Passover Certification {Updated}

Are you signed up for the Kosher on a Budget Passover Newsletter? Each evening, you’ll get an email from me with that day’s best Passover on a Budget tips, deals, recipes, freebies, and more. Plus, when you sign up, you will get a FREE copy of my … [Read more...]

2017 OU Guide to Passover Available to Download for Free

The 5777 / 2017 OU Guide to Passover is now available online to download. You need to provide them with your email address in order to get it, but it is otherwise free. (The paper version, however, is not free.) Once you sign up, you’ll be able … [Read more...]