Chanukah Giveaway #1 | Kosherfest Gift Basket – Worth Over $250

Chanukah is almost here – can you believe it?!

And even though we usually keep our celebrations pretty low-key at our home, I am certainly not averse to spoiling my readers a little bit! 🙂

So I’ve put together a number of special giveaways, which I’ll be rolling out over the next several weeks. Today marks Giveaway #1… and it’s HUUUUGE!

Last month, as many of you know, I took a trip to New Jersey to attend Kosherfest 2011. For this mild Midwesterner, it was truly something to experience…

The food! The people! The hustle and bustle!

And the swag!

Today, I am super excited to be able to pass on some of that fabulous Kosherfest swag to one lucky reader.

Thanks to the generosity of many of the kosher vendors, we have put together this amazing gift basket featuring a smorgasbord of some of the best Chanukah-themed food & products at Kosherfest 2011.

With a retail value of over $250,this Chanukah gift package is filled to the brim with the following incredible goodies:

Chanukah metal cookie cutters from Rite Lite & Shulsinger Judaica

Large silicone dreidel baking molds from Rite Lite & Shulsinger Judaica (these are so cute for ice, jello or chocolate)

Dreidel shaped paying cards from Rite Lite & Shulsinger Judaica

Box of Chanukah candles from Rite Lite & Shulsinger Judaica

Menorah-shaped chocolates from Sugar-Plum

Box of protein bars from SIMPLY BAR

SCHNEIDER’s Crispy fried onions cans

Lipton kosher boxed soups from KEDEM Foods

Rabbi Mints from Rabbi Mintz (these cracked me up!)

Aluminum dreidel cake pan from The Kosher Cook

Kosher Keepers plastic food storage containers (imprinted with dairy, parve, meat) from Kosher Keepers

The Case of the Missing Menorah DVD from Shalom Sesame

+ a Cheese basket from Les Petites Fermieres and Anderson International, valued at over $85!

To enter this swaggy giveaway, please follow the instructions on the widget below. The first entry is mandatory; the other four are optional. The more you enter, the better your chance is of winning.

If you are reading this post in your email or an RSS feed, you will need to click through to the blog to enter the giveaway.

This giveaway will be open until 12:01 a.m. on Friday, December 9. The winner will be announced later that day.

Good luck!




  1. I’d like to get a plane ticket to somewhere nearer the equator!

  2. A trip somewhere

  3. A trip away with my husband, and babysitting for the kids!

  4. Any present?

    In an extravagant way, I’d really enjoy a trip to Israel. In reality, I’d be happy for someone to bake me chanukah cookies!

  5. I would love win a Kosher Cruise during Winter Break and take my parents and in-laws!!

  6. a vaca to florida

  7. My ultimate Chanukah gift would be a trip to England for our whole family.

  8. Same wish as last year (but for some reason it hasn’t arrive yet….): a laundry fairy.

  9. Yum, pick me!

  10. a new job 🙂 Sorry to be a downer.

  11. gotta be an Iphone 4S with service.. r u offering?

  12. My ultimate gift would be a massage! Oh my aching back could use that!

  13. A job!

  14. A house elf! But in reality, my kids to help clean more?

  15. someone to come clean my house!

  16. A kosher cruise

  17. A weekend away with my husband – no kids, no BlackBerries, just us.

  18. Cricut cartridges

  19. judith solomont says:

    My ultimate Chanukah gift would be someone to wash dry and put away dishes when i have a large number of Shabbbos guests. Simple but needed.

  20. My ultimate gift? I have so many amazing things I would get for myself if I could bear to buy something so extravagant. But, I’d have to say that going to a Tony Robbins seminar is definitely toward the top of my ‘someday’ list.

  21. For Hanukkah, I would like a sister wife. Or Nanny 911.


  22. Ultimate Hanukkah present? A flat screen TV for the den. It is an ultimate wish, right? 🙂

  23. My wife really wants this, so she made me do this to get extra entries. She follows you every day.

  24. To go to Hawaii for a 3 wk vacation

  25. The best present I could ever get is the one I pray for daily: a healthy family!

  26. The best present I could receive this year, is a healthy family.

  27. The ultimate gift to me would be for my mother to rejoin our family. I know that is unrealistic, but in the meanwhile I am thankful for a healthy happy mostly together family.

  28. Stuff for the kitchen: A bright pink KitchenAid, lots of pretty serving pieces, a waffle maker, a mandoline, an ice-cream maker, and some things to beef up my stock of pareve cooking/baking items. Making gift lists has never been a problem for me!

  29. Lauren Rosen Gerofsky says:

    I think a great gift would be payoff of all my bills! Then I would enjoy treating everyone else with the money I had saved! Also, I really want a massage and pedi; those may be more probable 😉

  30. An elliptical machine

  31. well, if I got this AMAZING gift basket, that would be fine with me. 🙂

  32. Well, last year I got exactly what I wanted: my empire red Kitchen Aid stand mixer. This year? The perfect gift would be bringing all my family together for the holiday.

  33. Brocha Sauber says:

    Wow!! All these Chanuka prizes would make anyone swoon. I’d love to win them for my family

  34. If I could get anything for Chanukah this year it would be the infinity Tiffany bracelet

  35. Brocha Sauber says:

    If I could get any present, it would be a new shaitel, but mainly I want my kids to have fun and remember Chanuka for the things we do together and not only the presents.

  36. Bedroom furniture.

  37. A fun afternoon with the kids and then a nice dinner out with the husband.

  38. Having my house cleaned from top to bottom.

  39. The best chanuka present would be a watch

  40. proudmommy0f4 says:

    I wouldn’t turn away a new car!

  41. A house. Or this basket!

  42. Probably a comfy new desk chair (not very exciting, I know.)

  43. Steven Weiss says:

    A new laptop.

  44. a cure for autism…….ok, not so realistic. how about a nap? doesn’t even cost anything.

  45. a day at the spa

  46. I would love a new car!

  47. I would love a new washer and dryer!

  48. Allison Zaromb says:

    For someone else to pay day school tuition for all my kids, for as long as they’re in school 🙂

  49. Best Chanukah gift? To have our car paid off… but we’re on track, and it will definitely be done before NEXT Chanukah (and likely much earlier…)

  50. The best gift would be for my baby girl to continue to be healthy, and I would love it if I could get her to sleep earlier:)

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