Chanukah Giveaway #4: $250 CASH!!!

I am thrilled to announce this morning that for Chanukah Giveaway #4, I am giving away $250 in hard cold cash, courtesy of my favorite cash-back program, Ebates.

Yes, indeed.

The winner will receive their prize check within two to three weeks of the end of this giveaway. Talk about a great way to start 2012!

Use your winnings to pay off debt, pad your emergency fund, take a romantic get-away with your spouse, buy your kid that iPod he’s been begging for… or whatever your heart desires.

I’m once again using the Rafflecopter widget because it makes things so nice and easy for me – and hopefully quick for all of you, too.

Today there are 7 possible entries per person. The first entry is MANDATORY: Please leave a comment on this post telling me what you usually do with “windfall” money – whether it’s $20 your grandmother gave you for your birthday or a cash-back check from Ebates. Do you splurge? Save? Use it toward everyday expenses?

The second entry is not mandatory to enter, but it is mandatory to collect your winnings in the event that you win – and that’s to sign up for an Ebates account if you don’t already have one. If you win and are not a member of Ebates, you will be disqualified and a new winner must be chosen. That would be very sad.

The rest of the entries are all optional, but remember, the more ways you enter, the better your chances are of winning!

A note about Rafflecopter – the widget  now requires you to sign in. You only need to do this one and then you’re all set. You can sign in via your Facebook account, but you don’t have to. You can also use your name & email (see the little link below the Facebook box). Please let me know if you have any questions.

This giveaway will be open for four days – until Monday, December 19. The winner will be selected and notified on Tuesday, December 20 – just in time for the first candle!

Happy Chanukah my dear readers! Good luck to you.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Disclosure: Ebates will provide one winning KOAB reader with the cash prize and requires that the winner be a registered member of Ebates to claim their prize. I was not compensated by Ebates to run this giveaway, nor to share my positive opinions of their cash-back site. I am, however, an affiliate of Ebates. For more information, please see my disclosure policy.


  1. Pay off debt. 🙂

  2. Isadora Yazdi says

    Truthfully, I end up using “windfall” money on everyday expenses.

  3. rebecca starr says

    Always goes in the savings account!

  4. In a savings account for special purchases, i.e. birthday presents or furniture

  5. I feel guilty if I simply indulge myself. So I usually share windfalls; for example, by taking my husband to dinner or getting something we both want.

  6. Margo Strahlberg says

    Usually windfall money just goes towards regular expenses. But if its a gift and the send requests the money to go towards something specific, then I oblige!

  7. usually any windfall money that comes in goes towards everyday expenses, unless it is specifically needed in a different area.

  8. We usually split it. Save some, spend some and splurge some.

  9. I will use it on bills right now. would love to use it for clothes for the kids but not possible right now.

  10. I usually pay a bill, buy a gift for my son, and save a little. Thanks

  11. If I won I would pay off a bill and treat myself to something!


  12. Can’t say I’ve had any windfall money, but paying off some debt would be good even if it’s boring.

  13. goes for living expenses food cloths or shoes for any or some of the ten people living at our house.( yup large family 🙂 B”h.

  14. happyhannukah says

    I will buy new clothes to celebrate loosing 15lbs!

  15. We’re putting current windfalls toward paying off debt. We’re getting closer and closer to ONLY having student loan debt.

  16. My gut reaction is SPLURGE….but somehow it always goes to the emergency of the moment – although I have been saving for something fun to do with hubby!

  17. I usually splurge with gift money. Most often on a new cookbook. 🙂

  18. We are grad students – windfall $$ is used for regular expenses or to pay off debt.

  19. put most away in savings and put the rest in the “black hole” (checking account!)

  20. I use windfall $ for everyday items, but allow myself a treat.

  21. Save It 🙂

  22. Windfall money goes to pay towards lowering my debts!

  23. Shoshanna S-S says

    Usually I put it towards a project for the house or the car that we have been waiting on…boring, but important!

  24. Shayna Levine-Hefetz says

    We would use the windfall money to do something extra special with the kids – we love creating family memories. 🙂 Of course, 10% would go to charity.

  25. I would use it to buy something for my children!

  26. Cheryl Sporn says

    Thank you for the opportunity. I would love to be able to say that I would rush out and buy something really exciting with my windfall, however, I would probably either spend it on bills or maybe do something nice for my family. My husbands birthday is December 24th. Add that to shopping for Hanukah gifts for my twins, a little extra cash would be fantastic.

  27. bills unfortunately….

  28. Usually “windfall” money goes towards paying off debts or paying bills.

  29. Eating out!

  30. Miriam Leah Schwartz says

    windfall money? whats that? 😉

  31. Braces (not for me, my daughter. First appt. Tomorrow.)

  32. I definitely put extra money away for a rainy day.

  33. i would love to buy myself a nice pocketbook or something extra i dont usually splurge on!

  34. Elisabeth M. says

    Pay for a flight to Chicago to see family.

  35. Disney World!!!

  36. We would pay living expenses, we just had an expensive water leak we are paying off and would like to take our children to some place fun. They would love that! 🙂

  37. Debra Inger says

    we try to give a good portion of windfall money to Tzedakah although we do keep some for ourselves and so something special

  38. any “found” money just goes right into the bank…to pay whatever bill is coming up next :p

  39. I would eather pay bills or redo a room in my house. Buy curtins and paint just change it up alittle.

  40. Miriam Leonorovitz says

    I can really use $250 for chanukah presents. And I love your blog

    • Miriam Leonorovitz says

      I didnt see the question about windfall money. I spend windfall money the same way I spend any other money I have. That’s what happens when we don’t have a steady income.

  41. I’d spend the $ on ME! every extra $ is spent on my fantastic kids, so if theres any winnings – I’d love to spend some ME MONEY!

  42. Right now I’d use the money to replenish our emergency fund since we just had to pay $2,000 in car repairs!!!! AHH!

  43. pick me! pick me!

  44. Rachel Loterstein says

    Since we are tight on funds now, we usually try to use it for something special that we wouldn’t otherwise be able to get!

  45. First I buy shoes. Then it goes to expenses.

  46. Pick me!!! Action Nutrition

  47. Hello! I would put the money towards home repairs/updates.

  48. Rebecca Resig says

    Sadly, pay bills! But i really need new shoes for work, so maybe i will treat myself

  49. Pay my bills!

  50. It is usually to used to pay off debt, but as of November we are offically DEBT FREE!!!! So I guess it will now be going to savings!

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