Congratulations! Amazon Gift Card Winner from Swagbucks


Remember last month when I told you about this Swagbucks giveaway? That one lucky KOAB reader would win a $25 Amazon Gift Card when they earned at least 50 “bucks” during the month of June?

Congratulations to Josh Weinstein – who was randomly selected by Swagbucks as the lucky winner! Your gift card will be credited to your account this week!


Now. If you are not yet signed up for Swagbucks, I gotta ask: What are you waiting for?

This is my favorite rewards program, hands down. You earn points for doing super simple things… like searching the web, something we all do a hundred times a day anyway.

And now you get to earn free gift cards to Amazon for it. Which is awesome, because who doesn’t love free gift cards to Amazon? (Certainly not Josh!)

If you’re new to Swagbucks, you can sign up now and get a bonus 70 points when you use the promo code KOSHER70.This is in addition to the 30 that everyone normally gets for signing up — which makes a total of 100 bonus points.

As you’re signing up, be sure to click where it says, “I have a sign up code” — that’s where you enter KOSHER70.

You need just 450 points to get a $5 Amazon Gift Card, so you’ll almost be 1/4 of the way there, just for signing up!



  1. True dat. I love Swagbucks. Best Swagbucks tip is to switch your default search engine to on Chrome or IE or whatever browser you use. Given the number of times I search the web in a day, I am winning Swagbucks every day.

  2. Hello, I just signed up for swagbucks before I finished reading your post, I missed the chance for the extra 70. I tried to enter it, and it said it was for new people only ( I have been a member for a whole 2 minutes!) Do you know how to deactivate my account and then I can redo it? Thanks.

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