75% Off + Free Shipping = Men’s No-Iron Pants for Less than $20

The thing about living in Israel for such a long time: When you come back to the U.S., it just seems weird to see men wearing anything other than khaki pants and white shirts on Shabbat. Fortunately, we live in a community where this “dress code” is acceptable — fortunate for my husband, who isn’t a suit-and-tie kinda guy; and fortunate for me, who just can’t see spending the money on dry cleaning!

Our favorite khakis and white shirts are, of course, the no-iron kind because, let’s face, who has time to iron?! The best deals we have found on the pants are about $30, which we get every so often at Costco.

I was psyched to see that is having its big 75% off sale right now, including their no-iron khaki pants for just $19.99 (big and tall only). There are lots more non-big-and-tall options in the $20 – $30 range as well.

Plus, right now they are having Free Shipping & Returns on ALL orders, no minimum order.

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  1. We actually get them at Target when they go on sale for $10. They are Wranglers not Dockers, but they are serviceable and DH goes through them a lot because he wears them for work as well. (we get them in Khaki and black and he alternates). We also get the Merona sweaters from Target, which are great for winter Shabosses and when they go on sale are also $10.

    • Are they no-iron, Zippy? I will definitely look for them. When I searched before, I couldn’t find the no-iron kind. And seriously, we NEVER iron, so unless he’s going for the total schlub look, it’s pretty much essential 😉

  2. not a suit and tie guy, and yet he has (and wore) a tuxedo!

    • Well, now, see, that’s a function of having grown up in NJ 😉 He last wore it to a cousin’s bar mitzvah in 1990-something! Although he did marry me in a suit-and-tie! So, I guess I should say, “not an every week suit-and-tie” guy! Sorry, honey!

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