*Don’t Forget!* Make Your Passover 2020 Notes (& Check for Clearance)

Post Passover NotesThis is your friendly, annual reminder that if you haven’t done so already, NOW is the time to make your notes for next year’s Pesach!

The best time to do it is as you’re packing up your Pesach items, when everything is fresh in your mind.

Here’s what I make sure to include in my notes every year:

  • What recipes worked? {Sweet and sour meatballs continued to be a hit this year – one part duck sauce to two parts tomato sauce. I also discovered that they freeze beautifully! And these almond cookies continue to be a new family favorite.}
  • Did any of your recipes flop? Make a note so you don’t make them again next year!
  • Did you pack away any unopened food stuffs for next year? {I keep my spices from year to year. I just tape up the lid and store the containers in a ziplock bag. They do lose a bit of potency over time, but just add in a shake or two extra. I also saved anything that was unopened and had an expiration date of beyond next Pesach.}
  • Did you overbuy (or underbuy) any particular ingredients? {Note to self: I ran out of eggs on the last day! Guess I need to buy 11 dozen eggs next year!}
  • Did you discover a new kitchen appliance, tool or item that you need? I also make a “to buy list” so I can keep an eye on sales throughout the year. {Next year’s list for us is pretty boring: A new utility knife for dairy and salt and pepper shakers.}

If you’re not sure what to write down, you can just follow the template in my Guide to a Stress-Free Passover (it’s on the last page). By the way, Stress-Free folks…. Don’t forget to save the original document I emailed you, because you can print out all new copies for next year. (Buy it once, use it forever!)

Of course, you can also make your notes in a Master Passover List – either with pen and paper or (what I recommend) on Google Docs.

If you do it in Docs, then grab the link and use it to set a reminder for yourself in Google calendar next Purim (i.e. a month before next Pesach).

And while we all still have echoes of Pesach on the brain, I want to remind you to be sure to check the clearance aisles at your grocery store.

Many of you will be lucky enough to find non-perishable Kosher for Pesach items for 50% off or more. What a nice way to get a jump start on saving for your April 2020 food budget.

Do you make Pesach notes? What do you include in them? 


  1. i have made a spreadsheet for many years.
    page one – menu
    page two – shopping list, copied from year to year with new notes each time.
    page three – notes on menu. whose recipe it was so i can easily find it again and if it worked out or was a bust,

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