Expecting a Baby? Get Free Baby Samples & Magazines

If you are expecting (B’sha’ah Tova!) or have recently had a little one (Mazal Tov!), you can sign up with Baby to Bee to receive free baby product samples + free subscriptions to two baby magazines — American Baby, which is a subsidiary of Parents, and Baby Talk.

Neither magazine is the world’s greatest contribution to parenthood, but you might get a few good coupons out of them. Or your older kids will have something to cut up to make collages.

After you plug in your details (use your “freebie email”, not your regular one – better to avoid spam), there will be five pages of “special offers”. I suggest that you opt out of these by scrolling to the bottom of each page without clicking anything.

It should take 6-12 weeks to start getting your magazines. Samples will start coming sooner.

According to Baby to Bee’s terms, you have to enter your due date / baby’s birth date and it must be either 9 months in the future or no more than 11 months in the past.

Disclaimer: If you’re a nursing mom like me, be prepared that there may be some formula samples. I just donate these to the kosher food pantry. But I know some moms have an issue with getting samples, so I wanted to let you know.

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  1. Awww that picture of the baby feet makes me very excited about our upcoming arrival IY”H!!

  2. Can you give examples of some of the coupons you’ve received (besides formula samples, ughghgh!)? Thanks!

    • Hi! Yes, most are formula, which thank G-d hasn’t been a necessity for me.

      Other coupons have included baby food (again, I don’t use jarred food, but I know many who do); sippy cups, baby silverware and plates/bowls; diapers and wipes. You know, the basic baby goodies!

      The biggest PLUS right now are the Amazon coupon codes — either a $10/10 coupon at the Amazon baby store or a 20% off code. (Do you know about Amazon Mom?)

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