Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 54-Oz – $16.99 (Buy 2, Get FREE Shipping)

Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Update #1: I’m checking with the OU Hotline about whether EVCO requires a hechsher. My understanding was that it did not, but just to be safe… Please check with your LOR in the meantime.

Update #2: Per the OU Hotline, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil when used as a food source now requires a hechsher. Please disregard this deal if you keep kosher, as the Vitacost brand does not have a hechsher.

Have you gotten into cooking with coconut oil (we love it!)?

Vitacost has a fantastic price on their Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 54-oz jar. It’s just $16.99 – or $15.29 if you do their Set & Save program (like Amazon’s Subscribe & Save).

Order two and you’ll get FREE shipping on both – since Vitacost is running a free shipping promotion right now when you spend $25 or more on Vitacost-label products.

Tip: If you have not cooked with EVCO before, you need to know that it will change viscosity depending on temperature. If it’s cool in your kitchen, the oil will harden (just scoop out some and plop it in your frying pan – it’ll melt right down). If it’s warm in your kitchen, the oil will re-liquify.


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