FLASH GIVEAWAY | $25 to Spend at Plum District

You guys know I am from Kansas City, so I was excited to see that the deal a day site Plum District has come to my hometown.

Plum District Kansas City has all sorts of great local deals for us Kansas Citians (personally, I am hoping for a deal to Legoland – which will be open during chol ha’moed!).

To celebrate their KC launch, Plum District contacted me and asked if I would want to give away some Plum Dollars to one of my readers!

Why, of course I would!

You don’t have to be from Kansas City to win this giveaway – and you can use your dollars on any deals, local or national (just not on “plum steals”).

If you’re not familiar with Plum District, they are a deal a day site featuring fashion, accessories, toys and more for tots, kids and their moms. They also have local deals and have recently launched get-away deals as well. You might recall the $30 voucher to Totsy for $15 – as well as the $35 voucher to Yes to Carrots for $15 (still available today!)

To enter to win $25 in Plum Dollars, please leave a comment on this post telling me the best deal you’ve ever scored from a deal-a-day site. If you’ve never purchased thru a deal a day site, no worries – just post that. Completing this entry is mandatory to enter the giveaway.

For a second entry, sign up with Plum District and then come back and leave a comment on this post that you have done so. If you’re already signed up, just leave a comment to that effect. This entry is optional, but if you win, you will need an account to receive your $25.

And for a third entry, you can like Plum District Kansas City on Facebook and/or follow them on Twitter. Then come back and leave another comment that you have done so. Again, this entry is optional.

This givewaway will be open until noon CST on Thursday, March 29. The winner will be notified later in the day!

Good luck!

Disclaimer: I am a Plum District affiliate, but do not benefit in any way from you entering or winning this contest, nor was I comped to run this giveaway.


  1. I love when I can find good deals on Kosher Restaurants. So often I overlook that section of the deal a day pages because it’s not applicable for us, but when I see them offered I buy them, and tell my friends.

    PS. I am a plum district subscriber.

  2. I ordered a $100.0 purse on zulilly for $20.00…when it arrived,the zipper was broken. I called them and they were sold out of the purse so they told me to keep the purse and they credited my account the $20.00….fixed the zipper myself so purse=free! 🙂

  3. Best buy ever – CVS gift cards!

  4. I am signed up with Plum District.

  5. I’m following Plum District on twitter

  6. Definitely the Rabbit Aerator I bought hubby for his birthday this year!

  7. kiddie socks

  8. A great manicure and pedicure for less than half of what it normally costs! I am already a plum district member but I could always use extra plum dollars 😉

  9. Through Plum District I got a 25 for 50 voucher with ecomom, since there was a big sale then I got around 120 worth of stuff for $25.

    I’m already a PD member.

  10. signed up with plum district

  11. best deal = $20 at amazon for $10 – forgot which site
    I”m already a member

  12. I got a REALLY cute Skip Hop diaper bag for FREE because of a couple of referral credits. I would have bought it anyway because it was such a great deal but it was a kick! I’ve been using it for almost a year and it’s awesome! I have been a member of Plum District for a while, I got a great deal on kids labels there too!

  13. The best was definitely a very discounted membership to the zoo. We definitely got our money’s worth out of that one.

  14. I bought a Gel Manicure for $13 -I believe originally it was $18 but I had a $5 credit from the site so I only paid $13.

  15. Nordstroms rack gift card from groupon

  16. The best deal was half off airport parking! It was from Google Offers.. 🙂

  17. I got a great “sleeping roll” on woot kids. My daughter took it to gan for nap time and when friends sleep over she willingly gives up her bed to sleep on the floor in her sleeping roll. I like that it has a little pillow and blanket all “rolled” into one!

  18. I am a plum district member (I became one for the Yes to Carrots deal!)

  19. I love the deal a day sites, and all my deals are so great, I can’t think of one that is best… Amazon, hardware store, restaurants, I love them all!!!!

  20. I am a member of Plum District already!

  21. My best deal was $2 for a $25 restaurant gift card, closely followed by $25 for $25 movie tickets + $25 Target gift card

  22. Erika Svard says

    I scored a canvas print from the deal a day, 24.00 for a 99.00 value! Totally awesome

  23. Erika Svard says

    I am already a member of plum district! Love it!

  24. Erika Svard says

    I already like plum district on Facebook, and follow it on twitter!

  25. Jorie DiCocco says

    love plum district!!!

  26. I bought a gift for my mom for chanukah since I never know what to get her – a manicure/pedicure for almost nothing!

  27. I am a plum district member

  28. bought a camera from a deal a day site

  29. SO many! Especially the Amazon deals because let’s face it- who doesn’t shop on Amazon!

  30. nordstroms rack groupon $25 for $50, by far the best

  31. great socks coupon for kids a year or two ago

  32. Signed up with Plum District

  33. Best deal: $10 for $25 at a kosher supermarket in MD on groupon.
    Even better: Earning credit from others’ purchases; at my best, I had $170 in groupon credits, with my initial investment being only $10.

  34. I’m on Plum District

  35. I haven’t purchased anything on Plum.

  36. I signed up for Plum District.

  37. My husbands favorite shoe brand (mezlans)!

  38. My best buy EVER was my MacBook :).

  39. I’m already a member of Plum District.

  40. I “liked” them on Facebook.

  41. i am a member of plum district already

  42. a sharper image talking alarm clock, no more yelling at my preteen to wake up!

  43. I am a huge fan of deal a day site, though sometimes I get careless and forget to use them before they expire. My favorite one: a while ago I bought a $150 Groupon to Ashley Furniture Homestore for $50 and got beautiful new nightstands for our guest room for a fraction of the selling price.

  44. I am also a member of Plum District

  45. Vera Bradley diaper bag for $15.

  46. I got a great deal on a resort in CO!

  47. there are some great deals sometimes. One I got around the holidays for my daughter was through plum district (I think). It was 2 personalized princess books. She got one for chanukah, and the other for her birthday. I think they were listed for $29. But I had a $20 credit AND a $5 credit so it only ended up being $2 each. score!

  48. Lord and Taylor gift certificate. Paid $20 for $50.
    Also, 90 minute massage. Already belong to plum district.

  49. Best deal…Lord and Taylor gift certificate. Paid $20 for $50.
    Also, 90 minute massage. Already belong to plum district.

  50. The BF deal from PD and Ecomom – ended up paying 12.45 for $100 worth of toys.