FLASH GIVEAWAY | Kosher For Passover Prize Pack from KosherFest

I’m hoping you’re now giveaway’d out, because I have a few more goodies up my sleeve this week. Since Pesach is looming ever nearer, this week’s giveaways are going to be FLASH GIVEAWAYS, with just 48 hours to enter to win!

One lucky KOAB winner will win this Kosher for Passover prize pack from five different merchants represented at the 2011 KosherFest.

A signed copy of Levana Kirschenbaum’s newly released cookbook, Whole Food Kosher. It looks wonderful – and it’s coming to you just in time for Passover! ($28 value)

A 36-piece set of Kosher Keepers food storage containers – perfect for all your Pesach left-overs! ($18 value)

A handy-dandy matzah crumber from Davida’s Aprons – So useful for sweeping up all those pesky matzah crumbs ($12 value)

Matzah-patterned Oven Mitt and Pot Holder from The Kosher Cook – cute! ($8.50 value)

Sweet Goodies Gluen-Fre Sour Belts from Kedem – I have a real weak spot for sour gummies, so I couldn’t resist sharing a few packagea with the winner of this giveaway! ($3.50 value)

Total Prize Package Value: $70

To enter this fun Kosher for Passover KosherFest Giveaway, please leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite part of the Passover Seder. Completing this entry is mandatory to enter the giveaway.

For a second entry, follow Kosher on a Budget on Pinterest and then come back and leave a separate comment that you have done so. If you’re already following KOAB on Pinterest – YAY! Just leave a comment to that effect.

This givewaway will be open until noon CST on Wednesday, March 28. The winner will be notified later in the day!

Good luck!

Non-Disclaimer: While I attended Kosherfest 2011, I paid my own way and was not comped by any of these vendors to share this giveaway.


  1. maror! charoses and romain … yumm!!!

  2. Gotta say my favorite part of the seder is motzei matzah! I know were getting somewhere and were about halfway through 😉

  3. Love how excited my older son gets for the entire seder. It puts all the preparations and work into perspective!

  4. Just followeed you on pintrest! didnt know you had one.

  5. Followed you on Pintrest!

  6. Margo Strahlberg says

    I love eating charoset at the seder! Yum!

  7. Margo Strahlberg says

    Following on Pinterest!

  8. I think one of my favorite parts of the seder is the end when everyone (almost 🙂 gets a second wind and sings all the Nirtza songs with renewed energy (Like chad gadya and Echad Mi Yodea)

  9. My favorite part of the Seder is the singing

  10. Bobbi Capwell says

    I now follow KOAB on Pintrest! =)

  11. Bobbi Capwell says

    My favorite part is the time spent with my family and our friends.

  12. I love the family and friends.

  13. Hearing the little ones sing manishtana…so cute, l’dor vador.

  14. singing the songs at the end even though we’re all exhausted

  15. Chris Ziegler says

    I love to eat! That is my favorite part..

    chrisziegler69 (at) gmail.com

  16. Naomi Yarimi says

    My Favorite part is drinking the 4 glasses of wine with my favorite people around.

  17. Max Schoenholtz says

    What do you mean, I have to pick just one favorite thing? Pesach is my favorite chag! I love it all (well, not the cleaning so much, but when I’m taking out all those books and wiping the dust off, I find things from when my kids were little … ahh, memories). I love when they go out on an errand and come back in, they take a big whiff and sigh “it smells so GOOD in here, just like Pesach!” … and when they all try to sneak into the kitchen to help me taste-test the knaidlach to see if they’re cooked through … and when my Mother bemoans the fact that she always usd to spill her wine and mess up the tablecloth (to me, those stains are better than tie-dye, they all evoke memories and prove that we had fun) … and when my daughters argue over which haggadah is better … and when they reminisce over their day-school model seder memories … passing around our props and laughing over them … my oldest daughter trying to sneak all the mandlen … O M G, I just can’t pick just one.

  18. I love the family conversations that evolve during Maggid!

  19. So hard to pick a favorite….I think the best is I’ve never thrown a way a single haggadah my kids have made in the last 16 years. We have cartons of them, the kids spend the week before Pesach when they are not cleaning and cooking, reliving and preparing from them… and they bring a pile of them to the seder. Amazing!

  20. YULIA FEDER says

    My favorite part of the Seder is searching for Afikoman. Since my chicldren are no longer little, we sort of all participate in the search.

  21. PrettyChana says

    singing dayenu

  22. Dipping a drop of wine for each plague is my favorite part of the Seder.

  23. My favorite part of the seder is the first night of matzah. You wait so long and then crunch….it is soooo good! my kids love it too.

  24. YULIA FEDER says

    I already follow KOAB on Pinterest.

    This is a wonderful giveaway, I hope I win.

    Thank you

  25. Gotta get into this! Thanks

  26. Hearing my kids share divrei Torah

  27. The wine!

  28. favorite part is watching my kids faces as they watch their father look for the afikomen that they hid.

  29. My favorite part of the seder is watching my son try try try with all of his might to keep his eyes open so that he can help Daddy with the makkos.

  30. Naomi Silbermintz says

    my favorite part of the seder is the meal, when we get to relax & talk.

  31. following on pinterest!

  32. I love seeing the kids get excited and that includes some adults who act like kids!!!

  33. Miriam Leah Schwartz says

    the singing at the end-especially since everyone is so tired and some even tipsy so it gets pretty funny 🙂

  34. I love hearing my kids share all the wonderful things they’ve learned in school and the excitement they have for sharing all this amazing knowledge. I also love that first bite of matza!!

  35. gitta newman says

    I love it all! The best parts are where I shep nachas from my kids and grandchildren. Just seeing everyone around the table is wonderful. I do love hearing the ‘Frog Song’. That’s always fun.

  36. Miriam Leah Schwartz says

    following u on pinterest now 🙂

  37. melissa bastone says

    Following on pinterest plus a great way to spend with family and friends.

  38. simone greenbaum says

    My favorite part of the seder is the dipping of matza and maror in the charoset.

  39. Fay Duftler says

    My favorite part of the seder is when my kids do the re-enactment of all the plagues. We all sit on couches or chairs in the living room for our seder, with our seder plates on the coffee tables or ottomans. When it’s time for the plagues, the children and their cousins put on a short play, and we recreate each plague, even getting creative with some: turning water into blood (pre-mixed food coloring and pouring into a cup for Pharoah), putting a stuffed fish in a fish tank belly up, throwing plastic locusts and wild stuffed animals at the assembled guests…it gets the children involved and the adults laughing!

  40. Definitely the Four Questions. A long time ago we instituted that as long as the questions were asked the youngest kid wasn’t forced to do them by themself. So we hide things around the table for questions to be asked. You never know what kind of question is going to be asked.

  41. Barbara Goodbinder says

    I love all the singing and when the children search for the afakomen. Have a kosher Pesach.

  42. I follow you on Pinterest

  43. My very favorite part is the ending –
    Chasal Sidur Pesach.
    And L’Shana Haba’ah biRushalayim.
    Makes for a good feeling that what we’ve done was good and starting to count down for next year.

  44. My favorite part of the seder is looking at all the kids’ projects that they worked so hard on.

  45. I already follow you on Pinterest.

  46. My favorite part of the seder is when we do the 10 plagues with the kids and throw around the various props.

  47. Rina C. S. says

    Favorite part – finding new wonderful things from one of my many different Hagaddot to share with family & friends. I love learning (& teaching) something new on this ancient holiday.

  48. love the singing!

  49. I love reading the commentaries in a Haggadah and looking at the beautiful pictures in some of the new Haggadahs. It’s so funny… we have tons, but I love getting new ones to look at during the Seder.

  50. I followed you on Pinterest!