Food Should Taste Good: GIVEAWAY & Review!

The name of this company says it all, doesn’t it? Food Should Taste Good. Being health-conscious shouldn’t come at the expense of taste and flavor.

If you’re not familiar with Food Should Taste Good, they are all natural tortilla chips made from real, simple ingredients. All of their chip varieties are cholesterol-, preservative- and trans fat-free, and do not use genetically modified ingredients (GMOs).  They are certified Kosher (O-U) and Gluten Free, and they come in TEN different flavors: Multigrain, Sweet Potato, Olive, Jalapeño, The Works!, Chocolate, Lime, Yellow Corn, Blue Corn and Cheddar.

Food Should Taste Good sent me five full-size bags of all natural tortilla chips for my review. I figured there could be no truer review than a family taste test, so I popped open all five bags and served them up for dinner on Sunday night with an assortment of dips. (Yes, I deviated from the menu plan!)

Lime has a lovely, tangy flavor – perfect with our picante salsa. The blue corn chip is earthy and crunchy – most like a traditional tortilla chip, in my opinion. The sweet potato is the most mild of the flavors – and delightfully shaped like the oblong vegetable its made from!

We also tasted The Works!, which reminded me an awful lot of rye bread – a good thing if you like rye bread (I do). It probably would have been better served with cheese or perhaps a smoked fish salad… not as well-suited to salsa and guac.

My husband and I liked all the flavors we tried, and I appreciated that these healthy tortilla chips actually do taste good — just as they should. My picky five-year old liked the sweet potato best, but my more adventuresome seven year-old said, “They’re all an A+, ima! Say that on your blog.”

Would you like to try out Food Should Taste Good for FREE? Food Should Taste Good will send one KOAB reader their own big box stuffed with five full-size bags of all natural tortilla chips in their choice of flavors.

If you’d like to win five full-size bags of Food Should Taste Good chips, leave a comment below telling me what your favorite healthy snack is.

Entries will close on Sunday night, February 6, and I will announce the winner Monday morning, Feb. 7. If you can’t wait until then, you can download a $1 off Food Should Taste Good coupon and buy your own bag for Superbowl Sunday!

Disclosure: While Food Should Taste Good generously sent our family five full-size bags of tortilla chips, I was not compensated in any way to write this post nor to share my positive opinions. Those are all my own!


  1. My favorite healthy snack is radish slices.

  2. Our favorite healthy snack is apple slices, sometimes with peanut butter.

  3. My favorite healthy snack is strawberries because everyone in my household likes to eat them! They may be messy but the fact that they are so yummy makes up for it.

  4. apples w peanut butter

  5. My favorite healthy snack is baby carrots with hummus.

    I’m glad to hear the chips are good – I still have a coupon for a FREE bag of them.

  6. my favorite healthy snack or really just favorite snack is popcorn, made on the stove with just a little canola, using white corn kernels – it’s so tasty that you don’t have to put anything on it and there is no hull so there is practically no chocking hazard!

  7. My son, a notoriously picky eater, likes these multigrain chips. I have a bevy of healthy snacks around–raw almonds, plain popcorn, apples, clementines, etc. I like them all!

    How is the snow there? Are you building a snowman?

  8. We make home-popped popcorn for our family dessert (when we are being good and not having ice-cream). Another favorite of mine is green beans.

  9. missfrizzly says

    i like a lot of healthy foods, it’s hard to pick one…maybe pomegranate seeds? love them! i also love the ‘food should taste good’ chips, and i agree about the works! chips tasting very similar to rye bread (with seeds)

  10. Raw almonds and air popped popcorn are two of my faves. I also like to have fresh cut carrot, celery and sweet pepper slices around so all five of us can choose a quick, healthy snack that’s ready to eat.

  11. healthy snack is strawberries.

  12. rasberries and popcorn

  13. ever try Bora Bora bars..those are my favorite!!!

  14. Kirkland’s Cashew Clusters with almonds and pumpkins seeds. They are a great source of protein, and they are delicious!

  15. We love any and all fruit. Lots of it.

  16. We love a giant bowl of air popped popcorn and we all love blueberries.

  17. healthy snacks are fruit, nuts or raisens…

  18. My favorite late night TV snack is vegetable soup – I know that it isn’t a typical snack, but its better than eating chips when I should be asleep. 🙂 We like the multi-grain FSTG chips, but have to remind ourselves that one bag is not one serving.

  19. Leah Sarah says

    I love baby carrots(or carrot sticks) and chumus!! Can’t go wrong with that!

  20. We’ve bought the Olive, Multigrain and Sweet Potato and they were all quite yummy.

    For a snack, I like apple slices, baby carrots, raw almonds, or yogurt. Or muffins. Usually, though, it’s whatever foods my toddler didn’t finish.

  21. my kids love tofu right out of the package with cut up veggies. all natural no junk added fruit leather.

  22. My favorite is banana and peanut butter.

  23. Anthony Wigley says

    I love peaches. I also love strawberries.

  24. My favorite? Apples.
    The kids are a moving target, but one that usually works is edamame. Or tillamook cheese from TJ with multigrain crackers (or their pita chips). Not the healthiest ever, but not too bad. Or stovetop popcorn with butter flavoring. Nothing too frequently, because otherwise they get sick
    of anything.

    Those chips are yum, and we did the everything ones with whitefish salad from costco. Super good.

  25. I have bought those chips before and really like them!! My favorite go-to snack is chips and salsa. I eat it so much everyone else in the family gets sick of it!

  26. My favorite snack is a bag of nuts and dried fruit or peanut butter if I am stressed.
    My kids like the Sweet Potato flavor of the Food Should Taste Good chips.

  27. fruit!

    a bag (ahem!) of FSTG is a great snack in my eyes!

    Jalapeno flavor is great!


  28. Lauren Gerofsky says

    Lately clementines have been my snack of choice. Otherwise, for a late evening snack, I like cereal with almond milk. My sons are apples with peanut butter kinda kids.

  29. I would have to say that my favorite healthy snack is a banana. My kids like granola bars.

  30. Hummus!

  31. Oh, I love giveaways!
    Thanks so much for running this.
    My favorite healthy snack is celery stalks stuffed with sundried tomatoes.

  32. Freshly peeled and sliced carrots with guacamole (aka: avacadoes 🙂

  33. Paula Woods says

    Hello. I love to eat raisins, bananas, strawberries, nuts, and peaches. I also like Red Delicious apples and white seedless grapes.

  34. Karen Rhyne says

    I simply love Broccoli, Celery, and Carrots. I also love grapes, bananas, apples, oranges, strawberries, and peaches.

  35. I like baby carrots with hummus and bananas with peanut butter.

  36. We love any kind of fruit and/or homemade granola.

  37. I love all snacks 🙂 But 2 of my favorite are crackers w/ tuna fish, and celery & peanut butter

  38. Cubed apple with cubed cheese or plain yogurt with strawberries and bananas!

  39. I love dried fruits of all kinds.

  40. Any kind of fruit for us! (especially grapes, strawberries, blueberries and apple slices)

  41. Popcorn or rice cakes dipped in chummus!

  42. Thanks for doing this!
    My current favorites are craisins, low fat yogurt, almonds, pretzels & chumus…

  43. For a healthy snack edamame are super.
    Thanks for the tasty suggestions from all
    the comments.

  44. My favorite snacks are popcorn, cuties, apples and celery with peanut butter. When the kids were little I would put raisins on top of the peanut butter and we called it ants on a log. Adina, do you remember that???

  45. Lisa Brown says

    My girls love hummus for snacks – with chips, pita chips and veggies! We love the Food Should Taste Good multigrain chips – I had no idea that they had so many flavors. What a fun giveaway (and it’s on my birthday!)

    Happy Eating!

  46. I’m a hummus girl. On anything. Crackers, chips, carrots, a spoon. LOVE it. Savory and creamy, what better combination.

  47. Jennifer H. says

    My favorite healthy snack really varies on the day however, it’s a close tie between rice cakes with peanut butter and baked chips with salsa. The latter is always difficult because it hard to know when to stop. Also, if my mom makes an amazing salsa when the tomatoes are in season.

  48. favorite healthy snack is yogurt

  49. Hummos with vegetables. Fruit – especially strawberries. Sliced apples with peanut butter is a new favorite. We often make smoothies – frozen fruit with apple, OJ or water mixed in.

  50. carrots and humus, yum. but now that i just read this list i’m off`to boil some edamame!