Giveaway: $100 Prize Package from Swirlgifts (Gorgeous Handmade Tableware)

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Some people like to set a table with their fine china, gleaming silver and delicate crystal.

And some of us are clumsy. (Or have young kids.)

But just because my great-grandmother’s china is seldom used at my house these days, doesn’t mean that I don’t enjoy bringing out special pieces to our Shabbat table.

I just want those pieces to lean more toward the harder-to-destroy-in-one-fell-swoop side.

If you, too, are looking for pretty, special and durable tableware and serving pieces, let me introduce you to SWIRL.

Linda, the owner and craftswoman behind Swirlgifts, recently contacted me about hosting a giveaway for KOAB readers. I took one look at her website and jumped at the opportunity.

I love her funky style — multi-colored stones or beads, wrapped in a swirled pattern — and her reasonable prices (comprable items on Etsy sell for twice as much).

As if I wasn’t already in love, Linda offered to send me the giveaway prize that she would be sharing with my readers – in order to get my personal review on the pieces.

The package arrive quickly and was wrapped up in a pretty gold bow.

Swirl Gift Giveaway

Inside was a gorgeous large basket, an amazing (seriously – amazing!) stainless steel bread knife, and a sweet little set of glass salt and pepper shakers.

The 15-inch basket immediately became our table’s breadbasket on Shabbat, lined with a simple white napkin.

Embellished bread basket

But Linda also suggested a plethora of other uses for the basket, priced at $46:

  • contain mail
  • hold hand towels by the sink for netilat yedaim
  • display utensils for a buffet dinner
  • bring a 9×13 pyrex to the table – it fits snugly inside
  • makes a great hostess or engagement gift

embellished salt & pepper shakers

As for the little salt and pepper shakers ($18), this gift couldn’t have been better timed. We recently broke my favorite set of salt & pepper shakers (from a pottery collective in Jerusalem *see above about “durability”) and I was really missing them.

Which of course made SWIRL’s sweet little set all the more perfect. While these are just the right size for our minimal use of salt and pepper at the table, I’ve also had friends purchase several sets, so that every person – or couple – can have their own set. Lovely!

Embellished bread knife

And finally the knife: I called it amazing, remember? Let me tell you why — by way of comparison.

I’ve given up on finding the perfect bread knife to use for Shabbat. Our challah knife, which we got as  wedding gift, is pretty, but it’s a horrible knife. And our good bread knife works like a charm — but it’s far from delicate-looking.

The Swirl challah knife ($36), however, is both pretty and functional, for the win!

The 15-inch stainless steel knife is sturdy, cuts smoothly and feels solid in my hand. And the embellished stones are so sparkly!

I truly love all of the Swirl items I received – and am definitely happy to recommend her store to all of my readers.

Even more so because Linda has offered a to give KOAB readers FREE shipping and 20% off your Swirlgifts order when you use the coupon code KOAB20 at checkout. Place your orders for Passover early – before she starts to sell out!

I’m also beyond thrilled that Linda has offered to give away a $100 Swirl prize package to one lucky Kosher on a Budget reader.

The winner will receive:

  • large embellished bread basket
  • 15-inch embellished bread knife
  • small embellished salt & pepper shakers

Here’s how to enter this giveaway:

#1. Leave a comment on this post telling me about your favorite tableware or serving piece – for example, my etched glass salad bowl.

#2. For an additional entry, “like” Swirl’s Facebook page – then come back and leave a separate comment that you have done so.

#3. For another additional entry, subscribe to Kosher on a Budget’s new Passover Newsletter – then come back and leave a separate comment that you have done so.

Good Luck!

All entry forms will be verified. Duplicate entries will be deleted.

This giveaway is open to U.S. residents over the age of 18 only (sorry to all my Canadian and Israeli readers!). The giveaway will be open until 11:59 p.m. CST, Monday, March 4th, 2013.

The winner will be selected and notified on March 5th and will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner will be chosen. Please add [email protected] to your approved email address list – so your winner’s notification doesn’t get sent to spam.

SWIRL provided me with one prize package, and will also provide the winner with his or her prize. For more information, see my disclosure policy.




  1. I particularly love my challah plate that my aunt gave to me as a gift for helping her out when she had car trouble while she was in town several years ago.

  2. love Swirl!

  3. I really like a giant wood bowl that I use to serve large salads. More because it is unique. I love unique pieces, just like the swirl giveaway. Would love some more pieces like it!

  4. Chana Tonkonog says:

    Challah board!

  5. devorah jacobowitz says:

    I subscribed to Kosher on a Budget’s new Passover Newsletter.

  6. I am already subscribed to your newsletter!

  7. My favorite item is probably my carafe – I love hot tea and this is the best!

  8. My favorite item is my wooden salad bowl.

  9. Liked swirl

  10. I have never had one of her products so I don’t have a favorite

  11. subscribed to the newsletter

  12. I love a glass bowl I was given for my wedding.

  13. I subscribed to your passover newsletter.

  14. I love my handmade beautiful batik challah cover

  15. I have “liked” Swirl’s facebook page!

  16. And.. I am subscribed to the Passover newsletter! Thanks for all the great info!

  17. devorah says:

    liked swirls FB page

  18. Phyllis says:

    My favorite serving piece is a plain (but elegant) glass bowl which is great for trifle but I mostly use it for leafy vegetable salads.

  19. Chayala says:

    my favorite piece~ a rather shallow but large glass bowl with wavy rim that I received from my Aunt Annie OBM, as a housewarming gift about 30+ yrs ago.

  20. I liked Swirls FB page!

  21. My favorite serving piece is an Arthur Court Butterfly design casserole dish holder that holds a square Pyrex dish in it.

  22. I signed up for the KOAB Pessach newsletter. Can’t wait to receive it!

  23. Phyllis says:

    liked swirls facebook page

  24. Phyllis says:

    I have subscribed to KOAB passover newsletter

  25. I liked swirl

  26. My favorite pieces are the pottery that my husband and I paint and then use on our shabbos table.

  27. Tziporah M says:

    We had a glass plate I loved.

  28. Tziporah M says:

    Like you on facebook

  29. Tziporah M says:

    signed up

  30. Thanks for such a generous give-away offer! Your newsletter is so helpful!

    • Oops, I was supposed to tell you about my favorite tableware or serving piece. Hard to choose. I think I’d say a ovenproof bread tray that keeps the bread warm. Thanks!

  31. I have subscribed to your Passover newsletter. Thank you for providing this terrific service!

  32. I went to FB and liked the Swirl page. Neat stuff! Glad to know about them.

  33. rachelle says:

    we have a unique salt and pepper set from Hungary. it comes with little shovels to scoop out the spices. Everyone likes it.

  34. jessie lefton says:

    my favorite serving piece is my challah board. My grandmother bought it for me when i was young so i would always have something on my shabbos table from her after she had passed away. hope i win !

  35. signed up and activated the Pesach newsletter!

  36. Liked swirl on FB!

  37. jessie lefton says:

    i liked swirls facebook page. hope i win!

  38. These are really pretty shabbos table enhancers!

  39. My fave piece is a funky shaped glass bowl.

  40. Deborah says:

    My serving pieces are all none to exciting … maybe that’s why I want to win the Swirl ones!

  41. The glass bowl my husband and I made together. I never thought it would look as great as it does!

  42. i liked swirls facebook page hope i win!!

  43. i subscribed to the pesach newsletter cant wait to follow it

  44. a really pretty salt shaker that we use all the time

  45. Nechama says:

    I love my gold etched bowls I received as a wedding gift.

  46. julie jacobs says:

    These items aregorgeous!!!

  47. I purchased the six shot glass set with the tray for my husband who collects shot glasses. He ALWAYS uses these first! In fact, for both my son’s l’chaim and my daughter’s l’chaim, these were the only “real” glasses used since they are so beautiful!

  48. I “Liked” Swirl on Facebook quite a while ago and am very excited to read Kosher on a Budget’s Passover Newsletter!

  49. Tammi B says:

    The antique porcelain biscuit jar that I purchased at a very low period in my life, the handpainted colors of the flowers always cheered me up when I was not feeling good about myself. Because I felt so low I kept it hidden in my china cabinet. Now, fast forward 4 years later, I keep that biscuit jar front and center in my cabinet. It reminds me that I weathered the blackness and realized I AM a beautiful woman worthy of all that is good in this world. When I take the biscuit jar out of the cabinet I remind myself how blessed I am that I never give up on myself’, what an amazing husband I have to believe in me, even when the storm was the darkest but most of all, I am loved by God, no matter what happens.

  50. Sharon Zuckerbrod says:

    I have 2 swirl serving baskets. I love them both. I bought 1 and received 1 as a gift. I was thrilled to have a matching set. I always recieve compliments when I use them on the Shabbbat or Yom Tov table. I likes swirl on facebook and signed up for the Passover newsletter through Kosher on a budget!