GIVEAWAY | CHIC Made Simple Cookbook (3 Winners) + Striped Salmon Teriyaki Recipe

This giveaway is now closed. The three winners have been notified via email. Congratulations!

Are you looking for a special gift for someone who loves to cook – but doesn’t love to spend all day in the kitchen? I’ve got the perfect idea for you: CHIC Made Simple, the newest cookbook by Ami Magazine food editor, Esther Deutsch.

Esther has a theory: If your food looks irresistible, it will taste incredible, too. Her recipes are designed to look — and taste– like gourmet cuisine. Yet the recipes are so easy, they take just minutes.

CHIC Made Simple features delectable, no-fuss cuisine that is made to order for all cooks: simple enough for the novice, fast enough for the busy cook, and impressive enough for the most accomplished.

Her beautiful and delicious recipes are perfect for your Shabbat or yomtov table – or anytime you want to treat your family to a special dinner (without hours of fussing in the kitchen first.)

Here’s one of my favorite CHIC Made Simple recipes. I’m a huge fan of teriyaki salmon, plus how pretty are those stripes?!

If you love glossy, beautiful cookbooks, you will LOVE this one! Get your copy of the 384-page CHIC Made Simple HERE. (Retail is $36.99.)

I am also thrilled that three lucky Kosher on a Budget readers will WIN their own copy of CHIC Made Simple.

Here’s how to enter this giveaway:

#1. Leave a comment on this post telling me who you will give this cookbook to if you win it and why. (For eg., I’ll keep it for myself, since I’m the #1 chef in our house – and pretty matters to me. :-))

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This giveaway will be open until Thursday, October 25 at 11:59 p.m. CST. The winner will be selected randomly and notified by email immediately. He or she will have 48 hours to respond. Good luck!

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  1. gitta newman says:

    Hi, I already subscribe to the Kosher On a Budget daily email newsletter.

  2. Gator Pam says:

    I would keep the cookbook for myself. I love what I call “coffee table” cookbooks; ones pretty enough to grace my coffee table for guests to peruse, yet filled with great recipes to serve them!

  3. Gator Pam says:

    I already receive your email updates. 🙂

  4. Gator Pam says:

    I have liked your multiple incarnations on Facebook, so I can keep getting your status updates in my newsfeed.

  5. gitta newman says:

    I liked and joined your facebook page a long time ago.

  6. Stephanie Freidin says:

    I would love to have this cookbook! It looks fantastic! Already signed up for emails & FB!

  7. i would give it to my husband if he’d cook for me but i doubt that he would so i’d use it myself 🙂

  8. I would love to win this cookbook and keep it for myself but I will share with my daughters and daughters in law and let them borrow it.
    I am already an email subscriber of Kosher on A Budget. Thanks.

  9. I will give it to my daughter. She has a 2 year old and twins 9 months, and she is doing an amazing job. B”H she is home to take care of her children but she WORKS all day long and has precious little time. Despite all that, entertaining people at all levels for Shabbos is part of her avodah. She is a good chef, and she would benefit most from fancy, but time saving recipes.

  10. Would like a copy, looks good.
    Good luck to whomever you choose?

  11. Love creativity! Can’t wait to try new ideas taking my cooking to a new level. Will definitely share with my gourmet son who’s a real foodie.

  12. Would like a copy, looks good.
    I already subscribe, that’s how i found out about the give away.
    Good luck to whomever you choose?

  13. I would keep he cook book for myslef because i love to entertain and how pretty is that food!!!

  14. Helen Bossin says:

    Since nothing is cooked around here unless I make it for everyone, I would be keeping it to use in my kitchen. I have heard good things about this cookbook!

  15. I subscribe to the newsletter!!

  16. I liked the Facebook page!!!

  17. I love your e-mail newsletter – and would love to have this cookbook!

  18. Would love to share your cookbook with my son who loves to cook.

  19. I already subscribe to your daily emails and now I like you on Facebook too!

  20. I would love to add more recipes to my repertoire and make my menu more exciting 🙂 I am already a member of your email list and just “liked” your Facebook page. Thanks for always sending such helpful links-I have already utilized a bunch of them!

  21. I would have a party with my favorite fellow kosher cooks and we would make some recipes. At the end, the winner would be determined by lot. I would also spread the word about the cookbook to my friends and family. My husband loves to cook as well and we both entertain alot.

  22. Why would I give such a nice cookbook away? It’s for me since I’m the real cook in the family.

  23. I’m already a fb fan!

  24. One of my goals I made for myself during the chagim was to invite people over for Shabbat more often- so this book would help me to do it in a beautiful way!

  25. Already a subscriber- love KOAB!

  26. I would keep it for myself since I love beautiful looking food.

  27. I am already a subscriber to your emails

  28. I am also a member of KOAB on facebook

  29. I will give it to myself to inspire myself to cook nicely!

  30. I am already on your email list does that get me a second entry?

  31. Hi. I would probably keep this for myself, since I love new cookbooks….or I might pass it on to someone I know that would enjoy it. I am already subscribed to your daily emails. Additionally, I am a member of KOAB on facebook.

  32. I would give this to my sister in law who would love it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  33. I subscribe via email.

  34. I would love this for myself!

  35. I like you on Facebook.

  36. I receive the emails.

  37. I would happily lend the cookbook to anyone but I’m giving the cookbook to me!:) It looks fantastic I would love a copy!

  38. Of course I “like” you on Facebook. What’s not to like?

  39. Ruth Nowack says:

    It would be a great addition to the KI Synagogue library.

  40. I would love to give this new chic cookbook to my daughter who lives in Israel. She is a stay-at-home mom and works hard for her family. She would appreciate this very much.

  41. I would totally keep this cookbook for myself- I am always looking for new cooking inspiration!

  42. i “like” you on facebook!

  43. I get the daily emails!

  44. I can never have enough cookbooks to help me to make even more new things for my friends, family and community.

  45. Me and my sisters like cooking and baking. So I think Id share it!!! We love having Shabbat guests, and I always say with guests in our house “When it rains it pours” becuz we wither have no guests or TONS! Having nice looking food is so nice to serve (esp. to guests).

  46. I get your daily email. Love them! Thanks

  47. I would keep this cookbook for myself because I need some new recipes!

  48. I’m a facebook fan 🙂

  49. I am a subscriber and love all your advice along with the bargains.
    Would love to win…so I can share with my married daughters and granddaughters who love to present attractive food that also tastes delish.

  50. for myself :)- because I need another 🙂 I also receive the daily email and “like” koab on facebook.