Giveaway | Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food Prize Pack

Do you have a baby in your life? If so, you are going to love this week’s giveaway from the organic, kosher-certified  (OU) Ella’s Kitchen baby food.

When my three children were babies, I made almost of all their food. I’d steam, mash, and puree – and then freeze up “serving size” portions in ice cube trays.

Feeding my kiddos at home was no problem – I would just pop out a cube’s worth and warm it up for a few seconds in the microwave. Feeding them on the go, however, was a bit more cumbersome.

At the time, there weren’t too many (any?) options in Israel for baby food that was both kosher and organic. (No, we aren’t exclusively organic eaters, but I was a bit more cautious about what I served my babies when they were under one.)

If Ella’s Kitchen baby foods been around back then, I think it would have been my perfect on-the-go solution.

All of Ella’s baby foods come packaged in convenient, ready-to-go pouches with resealable screw-off tops. Inside are delicious and nutritious FOODS – no additives, no impossible-to-pronounce thickening agents, no sugar, no salt, no water. Just yummy, wholesome, organic fruits, vegetables and rice.

Ella’s Kitchen has a full line of great flavors – both single and blended varieties, for once you’ve ruled out any food allergy issues. Our favorites are strawberries and apples (mmmmm), banana baby brekkie (banana puree with a bit of rice cereal) and “The Red One” with a mix of smoothie fruits.

Named for owner Paul Lindley’s daughter, Ella, Ella’s Kitchen graciously sent me a pack of their baby food for my family to sample. Although we are well past the baby food stage, I must confess that we all enjoyed these healthy little pouches for a quick snacks on-the-go. Even my 9 year-old asked for them at his basketball practice!

Would you like to give your baby a chance to try out these delicious baby foods?

One lucky KOAB reader will win a Ella’s Kitchen Organic Baby Food prize pack, with ten pouches of Ella’s Kitchen organic, OU-certified baby food.

To enter this giveaway, simply leave a comment on this post about how you feed/fed/plan to feed your babies. Do you make your own food? Use jarred or pouched foods? A combination of both? Something else entirely?

Even if you don’t win today’s giveaway, you can try out Ella’s Kitchen organic baby food at your local super markets, as well as Walgreens, Target, Amazon or  Babies R Us.

This giveaway will be open until Wednesday, October 10 at 11:59 CST. The winner will be selected randomly and notified by email immediately. He or she will have 48 hours to respond before a new winner will be chosen. Good luck!

Disclaimer: Ella’s Kitchen provided a sampler pack for my family to facilitate this review. They will also provide the prize pack to the winning KOAB reader. I was not otherwise compensated for hosting this giveaway and all opinions are my own. For more information, see my Disclosure Statement.


  1. These look brilliant I would love to try them out.

  2. Combination of both fresh and prepared.

  3. As a fulltime working mom of almost three, I feed the baby (and will feed the third baby when the time comes) a combination of jarred food and pouches, because the pouches are convienient and foster independence. However, I try to feed them organic whenever possible.

  4. most of the time my daughter gets whatever we’re eating, but i love these pouches for when we’re on the go or she’s being fussy and won’t eat anything else

  5. Table food, jars and pouches.

  6. no kids of my own yet…i used jarred for recipes tho sometimes

  7. We made most food for LO1. For 9 month old LO2, we’re using pouches for the first time. It seems pretty easy for on-the-go.

  8. In the very beginning – when my daughter was 6 months old, I made my own. Then I just got a little lazy and have been using mostly pouches which are so convenient because you never have to remember to bring a spoon!

  9. I’ve done all of the above. I made my own food for both kids and used the jars. We tried some pouches for my son, and while he didn’t like them the first time, he did the second and third. But he progressed to real pieces of food pretty quickly so we didn’t use them for long. Still, they may be good for snacks…….he can learn to hold it and feed himself, and my older daughter has some vision issues, so feeding herself with a spoon or fork is always a messy proposition.

  10. i love this stuff its great!

  11. My grandbaby gets both home made and organic baby food. Depends on the amount of time I have to prep.

  12. My kids just LOVE food in a pouch – and they will eat anything that comes in that form. Which makes it much easier for me to get their fruits and vegetables in them during the day – we make sure to pick pouches that have healthy ingredients.

  13. With my son, I made all of his food for the first foods and then when we moved to combinations, I started using jarred foods/pouches


  14. gitta newman says

    I used to buy tons of jars from Beech Nut, but I always made my own meat and chicken baby food. I wouldn’t eat the jarred meat, so why would I give it to my babies? Big jars of baby food were affordable and easier then making my own. But today…. they cost a fortune a piece.
    These pouches look like something my baby grandchildren would love to eat. The flavors look yummy.

  15. I feed my son organic jarred food. I always thought that I’d make his food, but it’s just easier to purchase it!

    acartwrightmorell at gmail dot com

  16. We followed the baby led weaning philosphy, where we just gave ordinary table food. We’ve had a couple of missteps (the really spicy enchiladas come to mind…) but overall it’s worked pretty well.

  17. I usually make my own baby food, but love the pouches for when we are out and about

  18. I dont care for jarred foods. I prefer to make my own so I know exactly what went into it

  19. my super picky 2 year old just started accepting these kind of “squeezieS” so i am eager to try different varieties.

  20. My first two kids were given jars of food but my third will be starting solids next month and I plan on making my own.

  21. I start off with jars but usually end up giving the baby tiny peices of whatever the bigger kids are eating! It’s just easier!

  22. I use jar food until I can give them table food as soon as possible.

  23. While my kids are little, not babies, they love the novelty of the squeeze packs and can eat their veggies and fruits easily (and on the go!) this way!

  24. We use jars and sometimes pouches…plus lots of table foods now that she’s getting older

  25. I love the pouched food for on the go but at home, baby eats pretty much what we eat!!

  26. I always gave jars but recently discovered pouches and now we’re hooked!

  27. I make my own and for outings we love the Ella’s pouches!!

  28. I fed/will feed my kids mashed up foods and jars, depending on what the food is. I also give my kids as many foods as possible so theyre exposed to everything. I only do jars if the food is stringy or has a peel thats hard to remove like squash and apples/blueberries.

  29. I feed my baby homemade baby food or organic baby jars or pouches like these. My baby loves having the pouches on the plane when we travel.

  30. Ive done and hope to continue to do a mix. Bananas, apples, pears, etc. are really easy to make on your own. Peas, green beans and berries I prefer jarred.

  31. These pouches are the greatest invention ever. They are perfect at home or on the go, and my daughter has been able to self feed for a while, which makes it easier on me to work on preparing other things to serve with it.

  32. Combination of make-my-own and store-bought.

  33. My daughter just started eating solid foods last week. I have been, and plan to continue, mostly making my own food. I expect to use jarred and/or pouches when we travel and occasionally if I’m short on time.

  34. I cook everything for my daughter except for these to-go packets. She loves sitting in her stroller and eating them as we do our errands. They also come in especially handy when she is on a food boycott, I can always get her to eat them!

  35. I make my own baby food, because is hard to find kosher. my baby love these pouches.

  36. I did a combo and will do the same with #2!

  37. Combination – I try to make as much as I can myself, especially when it comes to fruits and veggies that can be mashed without cooking (avocados, bananas, etc.) I also always have jarred food on hand for those crazy days 🙂

  38. As of right now I am working through leftover baby food from my second child for my third. We had WIC with my second child and were given a lot of kosher baby food, so I am now trying to use it up. One problem is my son does not like it! I may have to donate and switch to homemade! But this sample pack would help!

  39. I make my own but the pouches look good if you are away on vacation or traveling elsewhere.

  40. I am using up baby food from my 2nd child now with my third. He does not like it though so any new baby food would be great!

  41. We make our own food and sometimes use jars.

  42. These look great and healthy!

  43. I always planned to make my own baby food, but time (and life got away from me). These pouches are the best. And you can recycle them via

  44. I have done it all bought made i do anything for my kids to eat dance along to barney while mushing banana or singing to elmo while i spoon from a bottle as long as they eat!

  45. With first baby, he only took the bottle and refused all food until he was over a year old. By then, he had too many teeth for smashed food… For the next baby, G-d willing, I know it would be best to make our own food, but probably will buy pre-made.

  46. Mostly jars (gulp), some homemade (sweet potato, banana — easy things :)). We tried Ella’s Kitchen ones once and loved them!

  47. My 18 month old still loves the pouches!! I love the variety this brand has.

  48. I Cooked my boy’s food and mashed it up myself.

  49. i make my own and used store bought

  50. I mainly use jars/pouches but do make some of my own when I can.