Giveaway | Red Rose Simply Indulgent Tea Prize Pack (1 Winner)

My husband and I love to serve tea on Shabbat afternoon.

We usually have a basket full of different flavors, so everyone can pick their favorites. I prefer mint or cinnamon, while Frakie’s favs are the fruity ones.

Thanks to the wonderful world of free samples, we have gotten to try a number of new companies over the years. But last month, I discovered our new Shabbat standard: Red Rose Simply Indulgent.

This organic, fair trade and kosher-certified tea (KVH) is fabulous!

Red Rose sent me their four new Simply Indulgent flavors to try and we were wowed: Cinnamon Streusel and Lemon Chiffon – both of which are decaf, plus Creme Caramel and Peach Cobbler.

As my husband said, “That tea those Red Rose people sent you? I have tried them all and they are great. Really, really great.” (His favorite is a toss-up between Creme Caramel and Peach Cobbler.)

I couldn’t agree with Frankie more.  Except my favorite is, predictably, the Cinnamon Streusel.

I know you all will love Red Rose, too. Which is why I’m so pleased that the company wants to give away one Simply Indulgent Prize Pack to a KOAB reader.

The prize pack includes one box of each of their four new flavors, along with a very cool chalkboard coffee cup.

Here’s how to enter the Red Rose giveaway:

(Remember, each comment is considered a entry – so please leave a separate comment for each one.)

Required entry: Leave me a comment telling me your favorite tea flavor.

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This contest will be open until the end of the day on Wednesday, October 3, 2012. The winner will be notified by email and have 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen. Hatzlacha!

Disclosure: Red Rose Tea provided KOAB with a sample for review and will provide the giveaway prize. I was not compensated in any way to share my positive opinions (nor those of my husband). For more information, please see my disclosure statement.




  1. Susan Wolman says:

    I just joined your elisst

  2. Susan Wolman says:

    I pinned you on on Pinterest board and am following you too

  3. anything fruity – especially peach

  4. i already subscribe to the email!

  5. Favorite flavor tea really depends on my mood; usually mint, though I’m more of a coffee drinker. But these new flavors sound very tempting! My son loves the Wissotsky teas and brought us several boxes from Israel last year.

  6. I subscribe to your newsletter and thoroughly appreciate it!

  7. I didn’t know Red Rose had flavored teas! My father, z”l, only drank Red Rose – 4-5 cups a day. Red Rose is #1 in our family!!

  8. I subscribe to the blog, and I prefer cinnamon and vanilla tea. Thanks for the great giveaway! Chag sameach!

  9. mango passionfruit!

  10. I already get the email newsletter

  11. I already follow KOAB on pinterest

  12. Rebecca Starr says:


  13. Rebecca Starr says:

    i subscribe!

  14. I used to be all a die hard Earl Grey fan, but ever since my last pregnancy I just can’t have enough Spearmint. 🙂 And there’s always room for Yerba Mate – thigh pretty sure Red Rose doesn’t have that one…

  15. I subscribe to your email list. Btw, do they still pack the Red Rose tea with those little figurines? My mom always gets this brand and has such a collection!

  16. my favoirte flavor is almond sunset!

  17. i subscribe to your newsletter and look forward to it ! thanks

  18. I follow you on Pinterest. Loved the brisket pin for the holidays.

  19. Nana!

  20. Already subscribe 😉

  21. Already subscribe! I like Nana, and Earl Grey

  22. esti reichman says:

    mint or spearmint

  23. esti reichman says:

    i’m suscribed to your email list

  24. Fav is bengal spice from celestial seasonings (think decaf chai)

  25. already subscribe

  26. A couple of favorites include: Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger and Candy Cane Lane. Tazo Passion. Any green tea with honey and milk! We drink lots of tea here!

  27. vanilla tea

  28. I follow you on pinterest

  29. I already subscribe to the daily newsletter 🙂 Thanks for all the fun giveaways!

  30. I follow you by email

  31. My favorite is good old fashioned red rose black tea-the only kind of tea bad I will ever buy

  32. My favorite is Mixed Berry.

  33. Lady Gray and Cinnamon

  34. I already subscribe to your daily e-mails.

  35. I subscribe!

  36. Strawberry Wissotzky

  37. I subscribe to your daily emails 🙂

  38. I already get your email and I love the sound of those tea flavors!

  39. Definitely chai!

  40. I subscribe to your e-mails

  41. I follow your on Pinterest.

  42. Lemon is the best.

  43. I’m with you on loving mint tea. I don’t think I have ever tried cinnamon.

  44. Already follow you on pinterest.

  45. My favorite tea is bigelow Lemon Lift, decaf,but I’m also a huge fan of Harney and Son’a Cranberry Autumn

  46. I already subscribe to your daily emails and love them

  47. My favorite tea is mint!

  48. I subscribed to daily emails!

  49. and now I follow you on Pinterest!

  50. My favorite flavor is apple cinnamon