Happy 4th of July + Happy Birthday + Amazon Gift Card Giveaway (3 Winners)


Happy 4th of July!

I’ve always loved this holiday, especially the fireworks!

I really got some fireworks ten years ago today when my first child was born — two weeks early! He’s been surprising us (and delighting us) ever since.

There’s something about TEN – it’s so big and so fragile, all at the same time. I hear whispers of the teenager he will soon become — and shouts of the little one he just was.

Tomorrow will also be the third “birthday” of my “last baby” – aka Kosher on a Budget. Yes, there’s a bit of a running joke around my family that I have three kids… and a blog. I’m not sure when the labor ends with a blog, but this is certainly one of love.

So in honor of the confluence of my big boy’s 10th birthday and my little blog’s 3rd birthday, I decided to give away three $10 Amazon gift cards. (See how I did that? 10 and 3?!).

There lucky readers will score some cash to spend at my favorite store on earth.

amazon 10 gift card

To enter this giveaway, please just leave ONE comment on this post telling me how you came to read Kosher on a Budget, what your favorite thing is about the blog, OR the best deal or tip you’ve scored from me.

(Yes, I’m feeling all sentimental, but hey, this is a big couple of days for me!)

I’ll randomly pick the winners tomorrow (7/5/13) night, right before Shabbat. As long as you can still comment on this post, you can still enter to win!

Nothing to disclaim here. This giveaway is being sponsored by me and me alone. 


  1. LisaBinKC says

    A friend recommended it. All my friends read your blog! I love finding deals, and the feeling of getting a bargain.

  2. I found your blog on FB and love hearing about good deals. Thanks!

  3. stefanie r spanier says

    Your blog is the BEST!! My cousin told me about you and I told my mom. I stack coupons, joined amazon Prime and Mom (20% off!!), I started shopping all of the deals you find eg6pm, crocs, I added the 7-11 app to my phone (free teas, bottles of coke etc!). You are helping me save so much money!!! Thank you Mara!

  4. I started reading KOAB because my sister-in-law told me too! And it’s been amazing ever since!

  5. SARA Atlas says

    My husband and I love the great deals on your blog!

  6. I found KOAB on facebook and love.
    P.S. I just had my first on the 4th of July!

  7. I heard about KOAB from a different blog I was reading.

  8. Jacqueline says

    I love not having to wade through a bunch of deals for restaurants and stuff that I can’t use, and knowing that recipes don’t need a lot of alteration. It’s really nice to see that it is possible to not break the bank just because I keep kosher.

  9. I heard about you from another mom I was chatting with in the park. The best thing I learned (so far) is where to look for great deals within stores, such as Aldi’s center aisle thing.

  10. I heard about you from a mom I had recently introduced myself to in the park.
    My favorite things about your blog (so far) is that:
    1) It is not overwhelming to read throuh
    2) The tips you give about where to find bargains in stores, such as Aldi’s placing bargains in the center aisle

  11. Scott Rosen says

    My wife introduced it to me and we got paid by Amazon to get a kindle. It was awesome. Thank you for the time you put into helping everyone save some money. Very appreciated! Keep up the good work.

  12. Tziporah says

    I know you 🙂

  13. Faigy Topp says

    it was at a time that I was venting about the US financial system. So messed up and putting us into a deep dark hole. My friend suggested reading your blog and getting tips.
    Ever since then, I read every fb post and have saved quite a bit already. Even though most local stores don’t take coupons, I can still get a lot of good deals on Amazon. In fact, I just ordered a few things from there today 🙂

  14. Loved the recent sale of fisher price toys.

  15. I’ve been following KOAB for so long, I can’t remember how I found you!
    But my favorite deal was on lanterns for the Succah. I was resigned to having the same old decorations and then I saw the post and bought a bunch – love them!!

  16. Erica Hyman says

    I found your blog/fb page through a friend who follows you. Thanks for all of your money saving posts!! Congrats on 3 years of successful blogging! Many more!

  17. I dont remember how I found your site but its great!

  18. stefanie says

    I started reading your blog around Pesach time a few years ago when you spoke about doing Pesach on a budget!

  19. michelle geil says

    Hi, I’m so glad I found KOAB. I always seem to find some hidden jewel of a deal, whether it’s from Amazon or a discount on a particular item from a store that I wouldn’t have known about. I like the cookware alerts! Thanks so much for sharing your time and energy with all of us.

  20. Devora bruso says

    Thanks for sharing all the great deals you find!! My sis in law told me about your page a few months ago and been loving it ever since!!

  21. I have no clue how I came to read your BLOG. But I’m glad I did! Lots of deals mostly for stuff for my kids is what I’ve gotten the most. That awesome one around thanksgiving last year for the play kitchen for my daughter was particularly great! I also love hearing about menu planning and frugal recipe ideas. Makes it all easier to plan ahead. Thanks for doing what you do and happy birthday!!

  22. My friend and neighbor kept talking about the great deals that they found through KOAB. When she sent me the link, I immediately joined and have been reading it every day since…I loved the pre-Hanukah posts last year. Just yesterday, when one of my kids had to miss camp because she was sick, I pulled a new toy out of the “toy closet” and it made her much happier! Thanks KOAB!

  23. I think I found your blog on a random search for Jewish blogs. Glad I found it!

  24. Found out about your blog through a friend – my favorite is when you post good deals on appliances!

  25. I love your blog. I like the day to day family deals as im not a splurger. Thank you!

  26. My friend Elaine recommended your blog to me and I’ve been hooked from day 1!
    The amazon deals are great! I took advantage of the recent buycostumes.com $5 deal which was amazing and I’ve used some of your recipes! You offer many wonderful things . . TY!

  27. I learned about KOAB when you came to Phoenix.

  28. I first found koab when my mother sent me a link to it because there was a sale on costumes @ buycostumes.com

  29. I learned about your blog from google 🙂 and since then, my friends and family are all hooked!

  30. Marilyn Stoch says

    I don’t remember, but I love your site. Recently bought tablecloths and a hand vacuum with deals you showed me, and I’m planning to buy tzitzis later today. I also like your money-saving and budgeting tips.

  31. I found koan through a friend and love all the amazon deals! Thanks and happy birthday!

  32. I found koab through a friend and love all the amazon deals! Thanks and happy birthday!

  33. Tziporah says

    Been following you for 2.5 years, and enjoy watching out for your posts. Whether it’s coupon codes or a hot deal alert, I’ve used your links several times to score. I also enjoy your inspiration on budgeting with joy!

  34. Love the site and found it after you visited Manalapan, NJ. I look forward to the deals and info. I especially like the grain free Facebook group. Thank you.

  35. I found KOAB from a friend, and I really love perusing all the deals in the emails you send each day. Keep up the good work. I hope you’re making some money at it, and I really enjoyed the budgeting seminar. Shabbat Shalom!

  36. I’m new to KOAB- I love your blog and saving tips. The best tip for us so far was the Koren siddur. Thank you for your consideration.

  37. Andrew Klempner says

    I heard about KOAB from a friends post on Facebook. Now I am the one telling everyone about it.

  38. My favorite posts are about Amazon deals (the ones relevant to me, that is). Which makes this kind of appropriate, I guess.

    Thank you and happy birthday!

  39. Yael braid says

    You’ve saved our family some good dough over this yr. love you blog. Happy bday!

  40. I had heard about your blog from my friend Chava after she read one of my posts on my blog. She said I would really like it! She was right and I tell everyone about the good deals I score because of you! Thank you for all you do! Have a great Shabbos!

  41. I picked up your menu planning and money envelope tips and I like your upbeat and frank posts.

  42. talia schwartz says

    i found KOAB on facebook through a friend who liked your page. I scored a lot of good deals from your blog/website and love reading your posts that focuses on regular day life. one of my most favorite posts are the amazon ones.
    happy birthday!!!

  43. Don’t remember how I came to it, but what I love is that you give us more than just deals. You give us insight into your life, and a feeling of friendship. I feel like I “know” you!

  44. Marjorie says

    Like many others, I can’t remember how I came across your blog, but I’m so grateful that I did! Your CVS tutorial and posts on Amazon deals (especially when paired with all the gift cards I now earn at Swagbucks) have helped me through some very lean years.
    Good Shabbos!

  45. I love all the money you have saved me and my friends! Thanks <3

  46. I love all the money you have saved me and my friends! Thanks <3 I found you on FB and I check you everyday since.

  47. I love all the money you have saved me. Thanks <3 I found you on FB and I check you everyday since. My friends thank you as well!

  48. I can’t remember how I found the blog. I found many great deals. My favorite blog for saving.

  49. tzivi jakubovic says

    not evern sure how i found it but love it!