Happy 4th of July + Happy Birthday + Amazon Gift Card Giveaway (3 Winners)


Happy 4th of July!

I’ve always loved this holiday, especially the fireworks!

I really got some fireworks ten years ago today when my first child was born — two weeks early! He’s been surprising us (and delighting us) ever since.

There’s something about TEN – it’s so big and so fragile, all at the same time. I hear whispers of the teenager he will soon become — and shouts of the little one he just was.

Tomorrow will also be the third “birthday” of my “last baby” – aka Kosher on a Budget. Yes, there’s a bit of a running joke around my family that I have three kids… and a blog. I’m not sure when the labor ends with a blog, but this is certainly one of love.

So in honor of the confluence of my big boy’s 10th birthday and my little blog’s 3rd birthday, I decided to give away three $10 Amazon gift cards. (See how I did that? 10 and 3?!).

There lucky readers will score some cash to spend at my favorite store on earth.

amazon 10 gift card

To enter this giveaway, please just leave ONE comment on this post telling me how you came to read Kosher on a Budget, what your favorite thing is about the blog, OR the best deal or tip you’ve scored from me.

(Yes, I’m feeling all sentimental, but hey, this is a big couple of days for me!)

I’ll randomly pick the winners tomorrow (7/5/13) night, right before Shabbat. As long as you can still comment on this post, you can still enter to win!

Nothing to disclaim here. This giveaway is being sponsored by me and me alone. 




  1. Thomas Murphy says:

    A friend told me about your blog. Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  2. sharon moseson says:

    I’m trying to remember how I found you but boy-oh-boy am I glad I did! I have learned a lot about using Amazon from you and while I have gotten many good bargains via your tips one of THE best things has been a pocketbook organizer you told us about awhile ago. It may seem like a small thing but when we travel in addition to ID etc I have a lot of medications and medical items to carry. I have a large handbag I use for air travel and used to have to fish around for everything… since it’s just one big pocket inside. The organizer holds everything I need to have at hand (especially for the TSA checkpoints) and kept my bag beautifully in order. I love it. Thanks for everything and MAZEL TOV on your son’d birthday and KOAB’s Birthday! (and my birthday is on Shabbos ….LOL)

  3. I too can’t remember how I found KOAB but I’m so glad I did! You’ve really helped me save on a variety of household essentials, and for that I thank you! The Amazon finds are definitely my favorite.

  4. My cousin referred me to KOAB and I’ve been an avid follower ever since. I get your emails and often check in again at night 🙂
    My favorite tips have been for some of the great toys that I could not have otherwise afforded to get for my kids!

  5. Don’t remember how I found the site. But one of best deals was landsend snow boots for my kids I think 2 winters ago.

  6. Heather Glass says:

    I found KOAB through a facebook friend, who happened to share a status, and I happened to see it, and it happened to be awesome!

  7. My sister-in-law told me about this awesome site and I’ve been passing it on to anyone and everyone. I love the amazon deals!

  8. I found your site through friends posting your deals on facebook 🙂

  9. My niece told me about your blog and I have been following ever since. I enjoy everything about the blog but I enjoy your menu’s the best.

  10. I found KOAB from another blog. Thanks to this blog I have learned about coupons websites that have helped me save a ton of $! This blog also introduced me to the idea of freebies!!!

  11. I found you on facebook. I enjoyed your series on making a frugal simcha…

  12. Rachel Slutsky says:

    I came to KOAB through my friend Caroline (Musin Berkowitz) about a year ago. I am so grateful to her!

  13. Kate F. says:

    I don’t remember how I found your blog, but I love the freebies you post.

  14. I first heard of koab from my sister-in-law who bought my kids there chanukah presents off of your deals—best gift ever –muk luks from 6pm.

  15. I discovered the blog when I saw my sister in law posting as a guest (about Disney trips).
    I’ve discovered 6pm as a result of the blog, and was very excited to find a nice pair of Naot for 34.99 tonight!!

  16. Avigayil says:

    I dont rem how I got hooked on KOAB but I remember that one of the best deals I got through you was for my Pesach silverware from oneida- it was on sale and coupon and free shipping- really made our Pesach!

  17. I found out about KOAB from a facebook friend! I love that the deals that are posted are kosher. 🙂

  18. My DustBuster!

  19. D Stolik says:

    I found out about your site through a friend… I’m so happy I did, now I don’t have to search the web, I know that if a good deal comes up ill be updated! Thank you 🙂

  20. Rebecca says:

    I came across you on Facebook. I love your humor and how you write, I think that that is my favorite part of the blog. And obviously the amazing deals of products that I use and buy.

  21. Lynnea Horton says:

    I am not Kosher, but I do love to save money. I had the pleasure of meeting you and my dear husband at the same time. What a wonderful time.

  22. I came across KOAB when a friend on FB posted a link. I love the advice you give and all of the information that you share about how to be frugal (ie information about CVS/Walgreens stockpiling).

  23. So many friends mentioned it that I can’t pinpoint which one it was that made me want to check it out for myself!

  24. Like a few others, I can’t remember how exactly I found this blog, but you have saved me tons of money and I have a lot of cool things I otherwise would not have found a way to afford because of you so thank you! Happy birthday to your oldest and youngest 😉

  25. Sheri K says:

    A friend kept posting about KOAB. Now, I’m the one who passes the word about KOAB to Jewish and non-Jewish friends alike. They’re immediately hooked on your smart and informative posts. THANK YOU!

  26. I found you through a friend. I’m with the others – so many great deals but I think I love the Amazon deals the best. Not a big coupon person so online deals are my favorite!

  27. I love seeing what great finds you have to share each day. You’ve saved me tons of money and I’m so appreciative!

  28. charlotte says:

    I honestly don’t remember how I started following you but I love all the deals that I’ve gotten from you!!!

  29. I found KOAB on facebook! I love all the deals that you post!

  30. Best deal I got from your blog….Gymboree Sale.

  31. My favorites change all the time, but right now I think my favorite part is the kosher recipes.

  32. I love kosher on a budget. I found it through a friend and the best item I saved on was the lands end backpacks I got 2 summers ago for dirt cheap. I love the blog nod enjoy the deals, money tips , and now the grain free section. Thanks for it!

  33. I believe the first time I saw KOAB was on a friends Facebook page. I love everything about KOAB. The deals, the blog,everything!

  34. Arielle Sax says:

    I heard about this site from my cousins, Jodi Redler and Vicki Redler Chervitz. What I love are the great meal ideas and recipes, as well as finding out about great deals and sales like Amazon!

  35. I found KOAB when friends liked the Facebook page. I like the Amazon & shoe deals best. Keep up the good work!

  36. Deborah says:

    Heard about your blog from a friend’s facebook page and since I started following earlier this year, I’ve gotten many good deals from you. Thanks!

  37. devorie says:

    You are on my newsfeed on FB. Not sure how you got there, but I’ve been clicking in your links more and more often lately. Just read your out of debt saga last night. YOU are a real inspiration!

  38. I don’t know how I came across your blog, but I sure do enjoy reading it.

  39. If I recall, I was surfing another Jew by Choice’s “like” list on facebook and came across it. I thought it was a great idea so I liked it.

    I’ve scored a few good deals from you, one of them being a great deal on a digital camera in November via amazon. Also there was a tip about a firefox add-on that tracked the past year or whatever of amazon prices. That was helpful before my computer exploded. Now I have to remember what it was so I can add it back!

  40. Not sure exactly how I stumbled upon this blog, but so glad that I did. I have found it to be very helpful in finding great deals to help my family save money. And I love the fact that it is Kosher on a budget because I have struggled on ways to keep kosher and keep a budget. Thank You!!

  41. i have no memory of how i found your site(s)! But i think learning about Amazon Mom and subscribe and save has been the most helpful long-term for me. I’m not sure what was my best deal but I am very happy with many of the items i’ve scored at great prices – from my Kitchenaid stand mixer, to my New Balance sneakers. Thanks Mara!

  42. My mother sent me your blog and I’ve been following it since then.

  43. Mara…has it really been three years since I stumbled across you via Life As Mom. I saw one of your comments and then the name of your blog and had to click-through to see what you were all about. My how KOAB has grown!

    While I have learned tons and tons from you over the years, meeting you in person was by far the best! My kindle was the best deal I purchased through you…and my postman’s face when he delivered my practically year supply of Kleenex was priceless 😉

    You have saved my family lots of money and forced us (nicely) to really focus on our finances instead of ignoring.

    Mazel Tov on three years of success. My littlest turns four tomorrow so we have an almost firecracker here too!

    Best! a

  44. Lynn. Jungreis says:

    Left a detailed message for you. Love to see what you come up with everyday. So glad a friend reccommended you. Have a good shabbos

  45. I think I found KOAB when I noticed a posting on a friend’s wall. I’ve gotten so many great deals from here I can’t pick just one!

  46. Leandra walker says:

    I learned about KOAB from my husband, actually! Have been following for a month now and I love the deals that you post, especially the links to download free kid apps for my iPhone. Keep up the good work!

  47. My bff referred me to KOAB and I love it!

  48. Jessica says:

    love reading about all the ways i can save!!

  49. I have gotten so many birthday gifts from following you! Recently, I bought a bread machine! Thanks for everything!

  50. Appreciative says:

    First of all, thank you! Thank you for both this giveaway as well as your site and the time and efforts invested in it as a service to klal yisroel!
    I found out about your blog from my friend sitting next to me in class. I noticed her browsing on “kosheronabudget.com” and inquired. Hashgacha that I did because now my sister and I are hooked! 🙂 We love your daily posts, with all of their deals which we otherwise would not know about. Free shipping codes, other awesome codes, freebies, giveaways, ideas…we love it all!
    Yashar koach!! 🙂