Happy 4th of July + Happy Birthday + Amazon Gift Card Giveaway (3 Winners)


Happy 4th of July!

I’ve always loved this holiday, especially the fireworks!

I really got some fireworks ten years ago today when my first child was born — two weeks early! He’s been surprising us (and delighting us) ever since.

There’s something about TEN – it’s so big and so fragile, all at the same time. I hear whispers of the teenager he will soon become — and shouts of the little one he just was.

Tomorrow will also be the third “birthday” of my “last baby” – aka Kosher on a Budget. Yes, there’s a bit of a running joke around my family that I have three kids… and a blog. I’m not sure when the labor ends with a blog, but this is certainly one of love.

So in honor of the confluence of my big boy’s 10th birthday and my little blog’s 3rd birthday, I decided to give away three $10 Amazon gift cards. (See how I did that? 10 and 3?!).

There lucky readers will score some cash to spend at my favorite store on earth.

amazon 10 gift card

To enter this giveaway, please just leave ONE comment on this post telling me how you came to read Kosher on a Budget, what your favorite thing is about the blog, OR the best deal or tip you’ve scored from me.

(Yes, I’m feeling all sentimental, but hey, this is a big couple of days for me!)

I’ll randomly pick the winners tomorrow (7/5/13) night, right before Shabbat. As long as you can still comment on this post, you can still enter to win!

Nothing to disclaim here. This giveaway is being sponsored by me and me alone.Β 




  1. A friend referred your blog to me. I love the Rachel Ray cookware I bought featured in one of your blogs πŸ™‚

  2. david mark says:

    my holy wife gave me your sight and we always talk about it, how it is really good for people who have homes and lives and enjoy filling them with useful items. Thanks

  3. My niece turned me on to you. Best thing she’s done in a while.

  4. My favorite part about KOAB is that you listen to and interact with your readers. Happy 4th of July!

  5. love ur blog, follow you on FB and even subscribe to notifications. Great Amazon subscribe and save deals!! Love my breadmaker and hand vac, use it all the time!

  6. Rivkah T says:

    I don’t even know where to start. I’ve been following you for quite a while and love scoring deals! Mostly deals for my son now, but there is still the occasional, you know, immersion blender or magazine deal.

  7. Debbie Colby says:

    I love the wide variety of deals that are posted on Kosher on a Budget. Thank you!

  8. Leah Kagan says:

    I think I found it from a friends fb post… love it!

  9. I don’t remember how I came across KOAB (Twitter, maybe?), but I’m glad I did! Recent acquisitions through your blog have been the Koren Siddur and a basketball set (that still needs assembly, LOL).
    Happy July 4th (I also love fireworks!), Happy Birthday to your son (10 is a biggie!), and congrats on the blog’s milestone!

  10. Karen sanker says:

    I came across it through a friend. I have gotten so many great deals by following your blog. From Amazon a free princess toothbrush and a great deal on new balance sneakers. Which I was in desperate need of…

  11. Debbie Colby says:

    I love the wide variety of deals that you post. I am in awe of the work that you do!

  12. My friend shared it on fb

  13. there have been so many amazing deals I have gotten from KOAB I don’t remember who referred me but I have referred many people!

  14. penina berger says:

    Found you through fb I love all the great deals and tips especially saving on my children’s clothing thanks so much KOAB YOU ROCK!I Look foward to seeing yours posts a couple times a day

  15. I discovered your website through Facebook and have been enjoying the great deals on toys that you have posted.

  16. My husband was the first person to show me KOAB and I am now hooked. You always have the best tips on deals!

  17. All my friends read Kosher on the Budget, I kept seeing it in my newsfeed and I had to check it out. You are my favorite “deal site.”

  18. Found KOAB on a friend’s feed on Facebook. I love the spread of the information – clothes, food, household items, etc. While I’ve enjoyed many deals that I found out of here, I’m mention the most recent I used – replacing my dinner spoons that have disappeared over the year with the 20% off sale at Oneida.

    Thanks for all the work you do to help all of us stay within our budgets!

  19. A friend of mine turned me on to you and I’m so glad! My fav so far was the coach invite πŸ™‚

  20. Aviva R says:

    I can’t remember how I found you, but the bread machine I scored through a post of yours is AMAZING.

  21. Penny Samuel says:

    Love KOAB check the blog every day for great updates. The best deal I found from your site was for the gluten free baking mix from amazon. For years I either livedd without challah or cheated on my gf diet and had a hige stomache ache. Your blog allowed me to bake again, KOAB helped me afford to experiment with gf baking and now my gf each week is delicious! Thank you!

  22. I found out about KOAB on through some friends on Facebook. Thank you so much for the tip about the free app downloads last week! My daughter needed a fun way to practice her math facts over the summer, and one of the apps was exactly what she needed!

  23. Deborah says:

    I’ve been reading KOAB for so long I don’t remember how I got started. probably a link from FB. I’m not sure what the best deal has been, but I’m glad I learned about Amazon Mom and how to buy diapers cheaply. I’ve been buying diapers and wipes this way for over 2 years!

  24. I love coming to ur site and reading and getting great deals. Is one of the first sights I go n when I wake up in the am! Keep u the great sight πŸ™‚

  25. I started reading because of Shana Zipkin-Siesser, and because I got hooked on your first posts about how you became budget and money savvy and debt-free. Facebook helped a lot!

    SO far, my favourite posts are the freebies – bananas from Target, Target beauty bags, and frankly… Amazon deals! (I just bought the Lego boxes in an effort to save my feet, and in so doing, used up the last few dollars from my Chanukah gift from work.)

    Thank you!

  26. Surfing the web but I really don’t remember where I linked from. Love the whole “Our Get Out of Debt” series, chock full of full disclosure and common sense solutions.

  27. chana k says:

    I love that you alays have something cool up your sleeve!

  28. Your blog was one of the first places that I read about menu planning. It resonated with me immediately, and I’ve pretty much been menu planning ever since. I also read through your financial series and loved your honesty and willingness to be open with your readers. Go KOAB, go!

  29. My sister referred me to this site, and now we are both hooked on checking it daily. We are big fans of finding great deals for household items on Amazon. We love the great prices and ability to stock up on heavy items while enjoying free delivery. Thank you for sharing deals on Tide, paper towels, tissues, toilet paper, and more. We appreciate everything.

  30. I can’t remember which Facebook friend introduced me to KOAB, but the best deal was Ooma. We have been loving it and the savings.

  31. I can’t even list all of the things I’ve bought from KOAB tips, but you’ve definitely helped us save a bunch of money on “staples” and “splurges.”

  32. Anita Jacobson says:

    First saw koab when it was shared on Facebook from a friend. It helped me immensely with Pessch preparations, but my personal favorite was when they shared a one night only bargain price on renting Les Miserables from Amazon!

  33. I saw my friends “liked” and reposted links from you on facebook. So i decided to give a peak:) so glad i did!!!
    I love how you have the frame of mind of a jewish lifestyle, it really helps around holiday times (tablecloths, cutlery, special food items, etc.)
    Thanks for having and awesome blog!!!

  34. Rob Klein says:

    Scored many good deals thanks to your posts.

  35. bracha berman says:

    I was referred to your blog by a cousin. It’s just great. Live seeing all of your ‘finds’

  36. Holly C says:

    I first heard of KOAB through facebook from a friend. I love seeing all of the new deals that you have found to help all of us out. Thank you.

  37. I’m pretty sure I discovered your blog through facebook. I (and my mother!) have been following you ever since! Thanks for everything!

  38. I stumbled onto your blog from another blog about couponing (is that a verb now?) and have loved it! I always look forward to your good amazon finds!

  39. I am a KOAB junkie! lol I love the app cuz I can check it out whenever! I know a friend recommended I read your blog but I cant remember who. I just remember she got an insane deal on tide and was telling me about it! Anyhoots your awesome your blog is awesome your app is awesome! Thank you!

  40. Rachel A says:

    I started subscribing to your blog after you spoke in
    Detroit which I came to hear because my friend talked so highly of you. I had given up on coupons for generics and you blog excites an engerizes me so that I look forward everyday to reading and using coupons again without getting burnt out clipping them but saving them in a folder and actually using them. I now mark my coupon savings on my events calendar and am keeping track of my savings.

  41. I found KOAB through friends on facebook. The thing I like the most besides the deals, is the facebook and blog community that has been created, besides the fact that Mara recently attended an event at my house. Kol hakavod.

  42. I came across KOAB through my friend Caroline! I’ve been in love ever since!

  43. I came across koab on fb through friends & love saving money:) thanks for ur hard work! Keep it up!

  44. Laurie Cohen says:

    I love kosher on a budget: KOAB! I am actually not exactly sure how I found you. It seems like I have been reading it and following it, and telling people about it forever! It may have been through a search, or it may have been from an email, or it may have been from a friend. But I think I have been following / Like-ing it for the whole 3 years. I buy a lot of things from Amazon, particularly when you give us the heads up about big discounts. I would certainly love to win this gift card.

  45. Amelia Schmidt says:

    I don’t remember how I came across your blog – probably via a friend on facebook. I buy a lot via Amazon, so you’ve helped me find various things over the years through them. I can’t pinpoint one specific thing, but there have been a lot of things.

  46. Happy “Birthday” KOAB! May you “live” til 120! I was searching for “kosher” and “budget” and guess what Google came up with? Yup!

    Now, thanks to Mara, we have ZERO credit card debt (totally the BEST deal) and since we are so used to being frugal it’s almost hard to think of being any other way. Best part of all is Mara as the encouraging, supportive force for good that she is…

    Write on, Mara!

  47. I connected after you spoke to Chabad of Manalapan. I have been enjoying the information and community since.

  48. I found KAOB from a link on facebook. I’ve gotten so many great deals I cant think of just one. TY!

  49. fern chamow says:

    My grandson loves your website. He has gotten fisher price toys, puzzles, and wipes from Bubby.

  50. I love your website, Happy Birthday! I joined when a friend of mine recommended it to me, over what else, Shabbas lunch. She was telling me how she scored a new winter coat from your suggestions at a great price. Then she told me about all the cool stuff you discuss, and I knew this was the site for me. I have scored jewelry, yes I bought that owl necklace as well as a coordinating peacock bracelet. I have bought cleaning products for work, because your deals are way better than what I can get otherwise. Keep doing what your are doing!