Have you filed your taxes yet? Free tax software options.

We efiled last Thursday. Hooray — so glad to have that done! Now I just have to do my quarterly estimates (ugh).

If you’re still not finished, but have a fairly simple tax situation, here are some FREE tax software options to help you finish this up already!

  • Turbo Tax – Prepare, print, and e-file for FREE! I’ve heard nothing but great things about Turbo Tax from several friends who have used it in the past.
  • TaxACT – Completely free federal tax prep software.
  • H&R Block – Free to prepare, print, and e-file. Guaranteed to be accurate.

Where do things stand with your taxes? Are you long-done? Still slugging through the paperwork?

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  1. Anyone using a free e-filing site needs to know that in many cases only the federal e-file is free and there will be a charge for state e-filing. This is fine if you live in a state with no state income tax, but an unpleasant surprise if you don’t.

    In some cases it’s possible to get free state e-filing as well. Here in New York almost half the population of the state could qualify for free state e-filing, but the secret is to start at the *state* tax department web site (in NY, http://www.nystax.gov). If you are in another state, it would be worthwhile to check your state’s tax web site before going to one of the federal e-file sites.

    There is also an IRS-sponsored program for free tax preparation and filing (both federal and state) by volunteers called VITA. The site where I work one or two evenings a week is not swamped this week; appointments should be available. VITA is subject to income guidelines and some other restrictions on the complexity of returns, but many more people are eligible than think so.

  2. An additional trick for NY residents, beyond what Paul suggested:

    As of this year, it’s illegal for a tax preparer to charge an additional fee to efile NY taxes (beyond their normal fee). Since Turbotax et al. qualify as tax preparers, they are not charging their additional state efiling fee. Turbotax does still charge something more for state preparation than for federal only, but if you’re paying for that, there’s no additional cost to efile as in previous years, for NY only (and it’s actually cheaper, since you won’t have to pay for postage).

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