Hot New High Value Kellogg’s Coupons

Go here to sign up for $5 worth of Kellogg’s coupons. When high value coupons are released, I always know that a great sale is right around the corner. (In Kansas City, for example, Hen House will be having a HUGE sale on Kellogg’s starting Wednesday.)

Here are the kosher Kellogg’s coupons available for print when you sign up.

  • $1/2 Fiber Plus
  • $1/1 Smart Start
  • $1/3 Any Kellogg’s Cereal
  • $1/2 Crispix
  • $1/2 Special K Cereal
  • $1/2 Corn Flakes Cereal
  • $.70/1 Raisin Bran Cereal
  • $2/3 Special K Cereal
  • $3/5 Speck K Cereal
  • $1/2 Any Kellogg’s Cereal
  • $1/2 Frosted Flakes

Thanks, Kansas City Mamas!


  1. when I go to the link, it’s just a picture- how do you sign up, or get in to the printable coupons?

    • I know the pages are loading slow (lots of traffic, I’m imagining), but at the top right there is a button that says something like, “Sign up today, it’s free.” Click that, then give your info. HTH!

  2. I think the problem was my Firefox, with lots of ad- and animation- blocking add-ons! haha, I put it in Explorer, and it exploded in movement.

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