How to Join the Amazon Lightning Deals Waitlist

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The madness has started! With all the hot Holiday Lightning Deals on Amazon, I wanted to be sure that you understand how the Waitlist feature works.

How the Waitlist for Amazon Lightning Deals Works

Lightning Deals pricing is valid for three hours – or while supplies last.

As you can imagine, the super popular items – like Legos, jewelry, electronics, household appliance, and game systems – go fast. Very fast.

Sometimes they sell out almost instantaneously.

This is because you – and a couple of thousand (or tens of thousands, in some case) other people – are all clicking on BUY NOW at the exact same time.

Sometimes, Amazon even makes the “Buy Now” button go live before their price point does.

Want to know the secret to getting the best deals: Add the item to your cart, you can always decide later not to get it. But grab it before it sells out.

So, let’s say people were expecting to see a 50% savings on Legos, but it ends up being only 38%. Many will still want the item – it’s a great deal.

But lots more will say to themselves, “Meh, I don’t really want it at that price.”

At which point, they release the item from their cart and it goes back into rotation. Some just don’t bother checking out — at which point the item again, goes back into rotation.

What happens this is that all folks who are on the waitlist are first in line to get that item.

Sure, being 1st on the waitlist is good. But I’ve had friends get goodies when they were 300th on the waitlist. I’ve even heard of people getting it past the 500th position.

In other words – don’t despair. If the Lightning Deal you want is already sold out, sign up for the waitlist.

How do I join the Amazon Lightning Deal Wait List

First things first, you need to be signed in to your Amazon account. So make sure you do this before you start staking the hot Lightning Deal pages.

If you are on the product page, look for the yellow “Join deal waitlist” button.

If you are on a LIGHTNING DEAL page, click the yellow Join Waitlist button.

Amazon will notify you via email if and when you get of the waitlist. You will then have 15 minutes to complete your checkout.

As far as I know, the wait list function does not work from Amazon app / mobile site unfortunately. You can try scrolling to the bottom of the app and clicking “View the Full Amazon Site”. The font will be teeny tiny, but you should see it properly that way.


  1. Do lightning deals automatically come with free shipping? My father-in-law has Amazon Prime, and we usually just use his account. For the wait list, however, the e-mail would just go to him, which doesn’t really work. However, I do like the free shipping, and if I’m signed in to my account I wouldn’t get it.

  2. Also, once everything is really sold out (including the wait list) Amazon will change it to SOLD OUT. I’ve gotten several things off the wait list when they tell me my chance is “poor”. So as Mara said, don’t get discouraged, you still might get the item you were looking for!

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