iHerb | Super Fast Shipping + Great Product Selection (Including Make-Up) + New 12% Off Coupon Code {Great for Readers in Israel}

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I’m bumping this post back up to the top because just released a brand new coupon code good for 12% off your purchase site-wide. Just use the coupon code IHERB12 at checkout. The code is valid on all your purchases through August 31st!

In addition to all the great deals that iHerb has on personal care, household essentials and even groceries , they’ve also recently added a number of cosmetics and beauty products — and put them on sale for as much as 60% off! That makes for some great deals if you need and don’t want to overpay at Superpharm!

They have both drugstore brands and higher-end, department store ones, including Shiseido, Maybelline, Revlon, Rimmel London, Cover Girl, Physician’s Formula, L’Oreal, Bare Minerals (I love their loose powder – great for Shabbat), Clinique, Philosophy and more.
If you need any beauty items, this is a great time to place an order, since you can stack that Up to 60% Off Beauty Sale together with the 12% off coupon code.

As you certainly know, Amazon unceremoniously discontinued its offer of free shipping to Israel in mid-March.

The good news is that when one door closes, another one opens! (Or something like that…)

In this case, that door is named  iHerb — a site I had heard about before, but had never really investigated until Amazon pulled the plug.

iHerb sells a lot of nutritional supplements, so at first glance, you might not think it’s relevant to you.

But take a second to really look around, because they carry so much more than just supplements.

I have placed three orders in the last two months and have found a ton of great deals on personal care, household essentials and even groceries (something we could never get shipped from Amazon)!

Some of my favorite finds so far at iHerb are:

I was also thrilled to discover that iHerb carries Harney & Sons tea (my absolute favorite flavor is Cinnamon Hot Sunset — it’s not cheap and yes, it would be about $2 less at Target — but when am I going to get to Target anytime soon???).

My first iHerb order was filled with supplements, like fish oil, Vitamin D and melatonin (this is the one my daughter likes), all of which are super expensive when purchased in Israel.

Here’s a look at what was in my 2nd and 3rd order:

How do the prices compare to Amazon?

The prices at iHerb do tend to run a bit higher (about 5-10% more) than at Amazon. However, they are still far lower in most cases than in Israel — and there are tons of products I haven’t seen at all here in Israel, like Aquaphor (my kids’ hands are so dry from all the hand washing), the protein powder my son likes for his morning smoothies, and of course, my tea!

As for shipping from iHerb, you have a couple of different options — and one of them is FREE.

Option #1 |  BoxIt
BoxIt is a shipping service, which delivers your iHerb order to a pick-up location of your choice. Right now, iHerb is offering totally free shipping on orders of $60 or more when you select BoxIt Locker & Store Pickup. The time frame for delivery on the free BoxIt option is about 2 weeks — much faster than most of my packages were delivered from Amazon.

Option #2 | DHL
DHL will deliver your package straight to your front door within an average of 5-10 days (I got one package in just 4 days!). Your final shipping cost will vary depending on how much you order — and how heavy the items are. I’ve paid as low as $5 and as much as $12 to get my order with DHL delivery.

As always, when shipping to Israel, you want to be sure to keep your order UNDER $75 (not including shipping) in order avoid being charge VAT.

If you’re not going to hit that $60 threshold for free shipping with BoxIt — or if you just prefer DHL to get your package sooner (and avoid having to go out) — then you must read the following about the cost of shipping from iHerb.

As I mentioned above, the shipping cost will vary depending on how many items you ship and how heavy those items are. If you’re logged into your iHerb account, you can go to your cart and watch the cost of your shipping go up and down as you add — or subtract — items from your cart.

Interestingly, the more you add to your cart, the lower your shipping cost will go!

**KOAB PRO-Tip** If you really want to cut the cost of your shipping, try adding an item or two that has this Shipping Saver designation. This significantly drops your shipping costs — by a few dollar or more per item (basically, the amount of reduction in shipping is usually greater than the cost of the item!)

You can even sort your search results by items that qualify for Shipping Saver by clicking the box on the top left.

During the two month shelter-in-place order here in Israel — when Amazon stopped shipping and I had a heck of a time finding certain products — I really appreciated iHerb continuing to ship here, and even offering their super fast DHL option.

iHerb has definitely earned a loyal customer in me!

If you’d like to give iHerb a try, be sure to shop from one of the many links in this post.

iHerb Discount Code

After my super positive experience with iHerb, I looked into becoming an affiliate for them — which means that I can now offer you a 5% discount when you shop through my link (and a 10-15% discount on select products).

Your discount should apply automatically at checkout when you click through one of the links in this post. But if you don’t see it, just use the coupon code BBX6118.

And good news: The after-discount price is the one used when calculating that “under $75” threshold you’re trying to hit.

Have you shopped from iHerb? What has your experience been like?

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