iHerb | 22% Off Site-Wide for Orders to Israel! Super Fast Shipping + Great Product Selection {Great for Readers in Israel}

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I’m bumping this post back up to the top because I just received a brand new coupon code good for a whopping 22% off your purchase site-wide. Just use the coupon code DOUBLE11 at checkout. The code is valid for new and returning customers until November 12, 2020 at 10 am PT. Limit one-time use per customer with some limited exclusions.

I just placed my order and can’t wait! I had nearly $100 worth of items in my cart, but thanks to that coupon code, my total came in under $75 and I won’t have to pay Duty! Woot, woot!

In addition to all the great deals that iHerb has on personal care, household essentials and even groceries , they’ve also recently added a number of cosmetics and beauty products. If you need makeup and don’t want to overpay at Superpharm, check this out!

Just be sure to use the coupon code DOUBLE11.

iHerb sells a lot of nutritional supplements, so at first glance, you might not think it’s relevant to you.

But take a second to really look around, because they carry so much more than just supplements.

I have placed multiple orders over the last five months (since Amazon shut down free shipping) and I have found a ton of great deals on personal care, household essentials and even groceries (something we could never get shipped from Amazon)!

Some of my favorite finds so far at iHerb are:

I was also thrilled to discover that iHerb carries Harney & Sons tea, my absolute favorite, as well as Orgain Organic Protein Powder (kosher parve), which my teenager really likes, and is a fraction of the cost of similar alternative here in Israel. Especially with that 22% off coupon code!

Here’s a look at some of my recent iHerb orders:

How do the prices compare to Amazon?

The prices at iHerb do tend to run a bit higher (about 10-20% more) than at Amazon. However, they are still far lower in most cases than in Israel — and with that 22% off coupon code right now, you will actually do amazingly well!

Plus, there are tons of products I haven’t seen at all here in Israel, like Aquaphor (my kids’ hands are so dry from all the hand washing), that Orgain protein powder my son likes for his morning smoothies, and of course, my tea!

As for shipping to Israel, you have two options:

  1. DHL delivery right to your front door for a nominal fee (usually $5 – $15, depending on what’s in your order). DHL usually takes 4-7 days to arrive.
  2. Box-It, which must be collected by you from a drop-box location (there are many to choose from, so you should have an easy to come to find one near your home). Box-It usually takes 10-15 days to arrive. There is NO CHARGE (yes, free!) on all orders over $60, so if you don’t mind waiting a bit longer, it’s a great way to save even more.

**KOAB PRO-Tip** The key to getting cheap shipping via DHL is to order multiple items that have the “Shipping Saver” designation on it.

That drops your shipping price WAY down on your whole order. My last order was $74 and I paid just $2 for DHL shipping!

You can even sort your search results by items that qualify for Shipping Saver by clicking the box on the top left.

Best of all, DHL delivers your package right to your front door. No going to the post office to pick it up! I love that!

As always, when shipping to Israel, you want to be sure to keep your order UNDER $75 (not including shipping) in order avoid being charge VAT. And good news: The after-discount price is the one used when calculating that “under $75” threshold you’re trying to hit.

Duing Seger #2, I really appreciated that iHerb continued to ship Israel, without delay. They’ve definitely earned a loyal customer in me!

What’s your favorite iHerb find?


  1. thanks for the tip. I would have missed it (and I had items in my cart, ready to order) Chag Sameach!

  2. Shulammis Saxon says

    Thanks for the reminder of the under-$75 limit!! I was about to place a bigger order but now I’ll save some things for next time.

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