It’s Not a Bargain If You Can’t Afford It {Prime Day Edition}

Okay, people. T-1 hour ’til Prime Day deals officially “launch”.

I am super excited about all the deals that are scheduled to come, but I would be remiss if I didn’t share my standard “disclaimer” with you guys, so here goes:

If you can pick up some items on your “list” — whether it’s a new Kindle for the kids or an Echo for you or even just a bunch of diapers or ziploc bags (two of the hottest deals last year) — at rock bottom prices, then those savings can do a world of good for creating margin in your budget.

Just like buying cereal at a $1/box instead of $4/box creates margin, so, too, does buying an XBox at $200 rather than $300.

But if that XBox is an impulse purchase…

And if you charge it on your credit card, without the cash in the bank…

Then that $100 in “savings” won’t create margin. It’ll create stress.

And wreck havoc on your budget.

And possibly end up costing you a whole lot more in interest – and even late fees – on your credit card.

Getting a great deal is important. So is making sure you’re investing your resources in quality products.

But the most important thing for living within your means is only buying that which you can afford.

And if you can’t afford it?

Then it’s not a bargain – no matter how good the sale.

Please remember, in the enthusiasm over Prime Day, that saying no can be a blessing, too.




  1. Thank you for helping us remember the important things! It’s so easy to get into the hype of the sale and spend more than we should!

  2. Thank you for posting this! It’s not easy when you see great deals on things you would love to have, but don’t need and can’t afford!

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