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Jewish Adult Coloring Pages

Have you guys heard about this new craze for adult coloring books?

I don’t know who the marketing exec was that came up with the idea to sell coloring books to women… but they were a genius! At least based on the popularity of this activity in my Facebook feed. I even saw an article the other day touting coloring as the new alternative to meditation.

15 adult coloring pages

There are lots of gorgeous adult coloring books — and even free coloring sheets. Easy, Peasy & Fun has a lot of free sheets; Crayola even has some funky ones for free.

Free Coloring Pages from Crayola

But then I saw this Shalom Coloring: Adult Coloring Book and got really excited!

Drawing on the rich history of Judaic objects, art, and tradition, this new collection of exquisite imagery features complex illustrations and patterns that will inspire novice and expert colorists alike. Each beautiful piece is designed specifically for adults, and allows them to escape their stresses and mentally relax with a rainbow of choices and beauty.

The images each include motifs that are important to Jewish life and celebration, and are paired with inspirational quotes from the wealth of Jewish writings. Created with intricate black and white line-work, the artworks allow colorists to add their own unique interpretations and create a personal work of art.

Yes, I spent $9 for a coloring book. For myself! And then I went and spent even more money on colored pencils – because everyone kept telling me that grown-ups need grown-up pencils.

Prismacolor Pencils

So I picked up a package of 24 Prismacolor Colored Pencils, which I’m told are the creme de la creme of pencils. (Anyone know how to sharpen them???) My kids don’t get to use these! They can stick with the $1 boxes of Crayola pencils. The Prismacolor pencils and colored Sharpies are mama’s only!

{So, can I also tell you guys, that it’s so not like me to spend $30 on me — I barely even spent that on my new pair of running shoes. But I gave up drinking soda 3 months ago. I used to go the gas station nearly daily and buy a fountain coke – because there is nothing better than all that carbonation filtered over a cup full of crushed ice (can you tell maybe I’m not quite over giving it up yet?!). Well, those fountain cokes were funded out of my “blow money” category of the budget — because it just didn’t seem like something that should fall under the grocery budget. Apparently drinking 5 or, ehem, more $1 sodas a week adds up pretty quickly! In fact, a month’s worth of cokes is about what I spent on this little treat for myself – which is kind of my way of saying to myself: “Way to go for quitting the Coke, Mara! Keep it up!” So hopefully I’ll love it and find it meditative – or at the very least, enjoyable.}


  1. Mara,

    I used to get a fountain coke on the way to work every morning…gave that up about 18 years ago! (Nowadays, it’s coffee 🙂 The coloring! It is VERY meditative and creative, for me, unlike other ‘projects’ which take more time and get way more involved…coloring just keeps it simple. It’s Mama’s quiet time. lol

    Enjoy! Thanks for posting the links too!

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