Join MorningStar Farms Fresh Ideas Consumer Panels

I know a lot of you are MorningStar Farms fans, so I’m guessing this will be very popular among KOAB readers!

Right now you can sign up to be a MorningStar Farms Fresh Idea Consumer Panel Member.

I just completed the survey (it took about 10 minutes, but I was doing it on my phone) and got accepted – hooray!

In addition to a chance to win $100 Amazon gift cards and other rewards, being a panel member usually means getting nice samples and high value coupons in your mailbox!

Sign up now – I bet this won’t be open for long!


  1. Approved!

  2. I dont know what I did wrong but I was not accepted 🙁

  3. caroline says

    I’m in!

  4. Unfortunately, the group you belong to is full. Whatever group that would be I don’t know.

  5. I got in!

  6. Approved!

  7. I was just accepted!

    Not sure freebies and coupons will be part of the rewards. This is what the survey said:

    Here’s the deal. You give us your honest answers on a series of brief follow-up surveys and online discussion forums during the coming year. In return, you get some inside perspectives on frozen food, tips and tricks from other panelists, recipes, sneak peeks, and monthly opportunities to win Amazon gift cards – we’re giving away $6,000 in gift cards throughout the year.

  8. I didn’t get in either, it said my group was full.

  9. My group was also full!

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