Join the Morningstar Farms Fresh Ideas Consumer Panels

I know a lot of you are MorningStar Farms fans, so I’m guessing this will be very popular among KOAB readers!

Right now you can sign up to be a Morningstar Farms Fresh Idea Consumer Panel Member.

I joined last year – the survey to get accepted took about 5 minutes. In addition to a chance to win $100 Amazon gift cards and other rewards, being a panel member usually means getting nice samples and high value coupons in your mailbox!

Sign up now – I bet this won’t be open for long.


  1. Sarah sandberg says

    Our whole family loves Morning star. We use all the kosher products all the time.Our favorite is the meat starters and we put it in everything from lasagna to meatless tacos.

  2. Ugh, after going through a whole survey I was told my quota group was full. I hate when that happens. Thanks for keeping the tips coming!

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