KOAB “Gamadim” – Let’s Be That Ray of Sunshine for Sandy Victims

Oh no. Not again.

Many on the East Coast are STILL without power from Superstorm Sandy. And now they are facing a wind & snow storm that is shutting down highways, schools and railways. And killing their electricity – again.

Others still are in shelters or temporary housing, desperately trying to figure out where they go from here.

My heart breaks for those of you on the East Coast. I can’t imagine how tough this must be on you, your children, your extended families, and your communities. Resources and patience must be stretched so thin this cold Wednesday evening.

For a week now, I’ve been thinking: “What can we do? What can we do?”

And then a little idea came to me: KOAB Gamadim.

Do you remember doing this at camp? It’s kind of the Jewish version of Secret Santa.

But with a twist. Because I want to match up KOAB readers with each other.

Was your a family a victim of Hurricane Sandy and this bitter ‘Noreaster? Sign up HERE. I won’t share your information with anyone other than with your buddy – aka “anak”.

Would you like to help bring a little ray of sunshine to a fellow KOAB reader in need? Sign up HERE. I will match you up with one (or more) family – as you wish.

We won’t be able to meet all the needs during your recovery – but we can hopefully bring a bit of sunshine for your family.

I will try to get back to everyone who signs up on either list within 48 hours – depending on volume of response, though, it may take me a little longer.

Please note, there are numerous¬†amazing organizations doing incredible work to help rebuild the Northeast after Superstorm Sandy. KOAB Gamadim isn’t intended to replace your support of those organizations. This is just a small way to connect – in a simple, but hopefully meaningful way.




  1. Mara, what a lovely idea!

  2. Nadine Osborne says:

    I agree, what a good idea. I’ve wondered how I can help.

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