Kosher Coupon Roundup: Print ‘em now before the month ends!

There are some great kosher printable coupons available right now, and since the month is almost up, a lot of these will go away after October 31st. If you haven’t had a chance to print them yet, here are the ones I recommend.

Oh, and real quick: I got some questions about the links to The link I post here goes to a whole list of coupons, so you will have to sort through them. Unfortunately there is no simple way for me to preselect the coupon I want to link to. Once you click over, you can use the menu bar over on the left to select the category, which should make for faster searching. Most of these coupons are available without entering your zipcode, but if not, I will be sure to tell you what zipcode I found it under.

$.50 on Mahatma rice here makes it just $.54 for a bag of brown rice at Walmart.

$.75 on any Muir Glen canned tomato product. Combine this with Whole Foods Whole Deal $1/1 coupon and get organic tomato sauce for $.25 each!

$2.50/2 Nestle variety bags (I may not celebrate Halloween, but I’m not averse to taking advantage of cheap candy!)

Save $1 on peanut butter when you buy 2 boxes of Kellogg’s Rice Krispies — the cool thing about “wyb” (when you buy) coupons is that you can still use other coupons on the Rice Krispies. Pair three coupons with a sale and you are bound to get an awesome deal!

Save $1 on flour WYB 2 boxes of Kellogg’s Corn Flakes – ditto the above

$.50 on Betty Crocker muffin mix should make for nearly free muffin mix if your store double coupons

And a few non-food items for your printing pleasure

$5/1 Purina Pro Plan dog or cat food – this is very high value pet food coupon and should make for a sweet deal at Target or Walmart

$1/1 Reach toothbrush makes for $.50 toothbrushes at Walmart right now, or hang on to the coupon for a free toothbrush at CVS soon

$1/1 Reach dental floss makes it free at Target

$1/1 Colgate Sensitive toothpaste makes it a money-maker at Walgreens after coupon, sale and Register Reward

$2.50/1 Huggies Little Snugglers Diapers


  1. Is Muir Glen kosher? I clipped the coupons but i was not sure.

    • Yes – it’s possible that every product in their line isn’t, but all the ones I’ve checked are. I’ve seen both the KSA and the O-U hechshers. In general, I do my best not to post about coupons for food that isn’t kosher. I even avoid the triangle K ones, since I figure better safe than sorry 😉

  2. THanks for these links. I printed the muir glen coupon the other day and (I never thought that I would say this) my baby ate it. Well, chewed it until I discovered what she was doing. It was too late to salvage it.
    Oy. Of all coupons I was planning on using it. I can’t seem to find it again. I clicked on your link above, but it doesn’t appear with the rest of the products. I know that there is a 2 print limit, but I only printed it once before. Just wondering if the link is to the wrong website or I just dont see it,

    • Oh no! Well, usually it’s a 2-print limit, but they both have to be on the same single click. Does that make sense? Like you can do the back browser and get a second print, but often it will be gone from the list of coupons available. That’s what most of these sites do — remove the coupon once you hit your limit. Do you have access to a 2nd computer?

      Even without it, you can still get them for inexpensive at WF using the store coupon (they have tomato sauce – the kind in the little cans — for $.99 each, so after that store coupon, it’s free.) Also, might reset the MG coupon after November 1, so I’ll keep an eye on that for you!

  3. Thank you! I understand what you are saying. I guess it disappeared from my list.

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