Mishloach Manot Contest | Win a $25 Amazon Gift Card

101 Mishloach Manot Ideas for Purim

Most of you are probably already familiar with this post, but if you haven’t seen it yet, I’d love for you to go check out my 101 Mishloach Manot Ideas.

I wrote that post last year, and it was a pretty popular one. But this year? It’s gone a little lot crazy. There has been a huge number of people visiting that post — from Pinterest, from Google, and from all of you wonderful people sharing it with your friends and family.

Given the timeliness of this post, I though it would be fun to have a little contest around it! So, here’s how it’s going to work.

Tell me your favorite out of the list of 101 Mishloach Manot Ideas. (For eg. Cookies & Milk)

Answering this question is the only required entry form for this sweepstakes. If you want to be in it to win, you gotta leave your comment.

I’ll randomly select one winner to get a $25 gift card to Amazon, so you can buy your own mishloach manot supplies… or whatever else your heart desires!

Want more chances to win your gift card? I’ve got them for you! For extra entries, you can:

#1. Pin the 101 Mishloach Manot Ideas post to your Pinterest boards. You can repin this pin (just click this link) — but do NOT pin this giveaway post, or it won’t count as a valid entry form. Once you’ve done so, please leave a separate comment on this post letting me know that it’s been pinned.

#2. Follow Kosher on a Budget on Pinterest for more great Purim ideas (and lots more fun stuff, too). Then come back and leave another separate comment on this post letting me know you have done so. (If you already follow me on Pinterest, thank you! Just leave a comment to that effect.)

#3. Share the 101 Mishloach Manot Ideas post on Facebook. Again you must share THE 101 POST (click that link, then click the like button at the top of the post). If you share this giveaway post, it won’t count as a valid entry form. Once you’ve done so, leave another separate comment that you’ve done so.

And there you have, four fun ways to win a $25 gift card to Amazon — and discover a super awesome post with 101 Mishloach Manot Ideas.

This contest will end on Sunday, March 9th.

This contest has now ended. Congratulations to Chava!

Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by ME and me alone. Pinterest, Facebook and Amazon have nothing to do with it, and certainly don’t endorse it. 


  1. Butterfly cloth pins

  2. Sundaes

  3. charlotte says

    love the smores and the pill box!!

  4. Tziporah M says

    I like the hot choco one. yum!

  5. Diane Gish says

    love the apples and salted caramel

  6. Please me!

  7. Barb Feige says

    Green eggs and (ham)entashin So cute

  8. We LOVE the clothespin butterflies. 2nd year doing them. Very easy and simple and great for the kids to give to all of their friends.

  9. Cheryl Z. says

    Candy Sushi!

  10. Love the smores idea

  11. Smores!!!

  12. artrist theme!!

  13. So many good ones! Shiva minim, mad scientist, bean, etc… I’m going to send a Shiva minim one to a specific friend who I know will love it! Thanks, Mara! Happy Purim! Big hugs!

  14. I pinned it happily!

  15. I already follow you on Pinterest!

  16. I shared on Facebook. I hope I win. But if I don’t, it’s still fun sharing your post! <3

  17. i love #10 the smore’s kit

  18. Deborah Adler says

    My favorite is the candy sushi

  19. I love the havdalla shalach manos!

  20. I love the hot chocolate in a jar

  21. I pinned

  22. I followed you on Pinterest

  23. I shared on FB

  24. I liked and shared

  25. I like the movie night one because it’s simple enough for me to actually do!

  26. buried treasure. we did a similar thing for a pirate birthday party goody bags.

  27. 84, Green eggs and ham! Definitely!