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101 Mishloach Manot Ideas for Purim

Most of you are probably already familiar with this post, but if you haven’t seen it yet, I’d love for you to go check out my 101 Mishloach Manot Ideas.

I wrote that post last year, and it was a pretty popular one. But this year? It’s gone a little lot crazy. There has been a huge number of people visiting that post — from Pinterest, from Google, and from all of you wonderful people sharing it with your friends and family.

Given the timeliness of this post, I though it would be fun to have a little contest around it! So, here’s how it’s going to work.

Tell me your favorite out of the list of 101 Mishloach Manot Ideas. (For eg. Cookies & Milk)

Answering this question is the only required entry form for this sweepstakes. If you want to be in it to win, you gotta leave your comment.

I’ll randomly select one winner to get a $25 gift card to Amazon, so you can buy your own mishloach manot supplies… or whatever else your heart desires!

Want more chances to win your gift card? I’ve got them for you! For extra entries, you can:

#1. Pin the 101 Mishloach Manot Ideas post to your Pinterest boards. You can repin this pin (just click this link) — but do NOT pin this giveaway post, or it won’t count as a valid entry form. Once you’ve done so, please leave a separate comment on this post letting me know that it’s been pinned.

#2. Follow Kosher on a Budget on Pinterest for more great Purim ideas (and lots more fun stuff, too). Then come back and leave another separate comment on this post letting me know you have done so. (If you already follow me on Pinterest, thank you! Just leave a comment to that effect.)

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And there you have, four fun ways to win a $25 gift card to Amazon — and discover a super awesome post with 101 Mishloach Manot Ideas.

This contest will end on Sunday, March 9th.

This contest has now ended. Congratulations to Chava!

Disclosure: This giveaway is sponsored by ME and me alone. Pinterest, Facebook and Amazon have nothing to do with it, and certainly don’t endorse it. 


  1. I already follow you on Pinterest.

  2. Shared the ideas post on Facebook!

  3. Love the s’mores one – but really I am a sucker for ANY theme – all so cute!

  4. Following you on Pinterest

  5. I LOVE the candy sushi!

  6. Lynda Gridley says

    I liked your post on FB. So many great ideas! Very creative. Love the organic treat idea. CHiPS made me LOL. My kids would love many of these…cookies/milk, “mini” idea. Thanks for these and many other ideas!

  7. Jennifer Rube says

    My husband and I love the idea of the 4 mitzvot of Purim. Very creative!

  8. Yael Maizels says

    I like the four mitzvot of Purim one!

  9. I liked the butterfly in a bag which we turned into an excerpt from the Hungry Caterpillar!

  10. I really like the Butterfly Bags. Easy & cute–I keep a tray of them by the door for people who come by.

  11. Pinned, liked & following on Pinterest.

  12. i like the sushi salad, would love to receive it!

  13. I actually did the orange idea several years ago and had so much fun trying to find orange stuff! It started because orange gift bags were on sale that year…
    But I like the green eggs and ham(antashen )… Might use that next year…

  14. By the way, what did you do for the “letter P and number 14” idea?

  15. Lauren Rosen Gerofsky says

    #92 is my ol’ stand by! My fav for now!

  16. Smores kit

  17. lots of cute ideas! I thought I was going to HAVE to say Death by Chocolate, but Green Eggs and Hamentashen tickles my funnybone much more even though I would hate to actually receive green deviled eggs from anyone.

  18. Shared the 101 post on fb

  19. Followed you on pinterest

  20. Love the green eggs and ham- although it’s too out of the box for me:)

  21. I pinned the post on Pinterest.

  22. I loved all the ideas!!!!! But the most practical is the yogurt and granola! Every Purim everyone is too busy to eat or prepare food and then when they get hungry they grab whatever is inside the shalach monos gifts and it is usually candies and cookies. The healthy breakfast is great idea and you can easily make the granola

  23. I love the cookies and milk theme! I use it every year.

  24. Sherri Crews says

    I’ve pinned this post to my Pinterest page! Love, love, love it!

  25. Sherri Crews says

    I follow you on Pinterest!

  26. Sherri Crews says

    I’ve shared The 101 Post on Facebook!

  27. I like the yogurt and granola idea. So yummy! I want someone to give it to ME!

  28. Italian! We did that a few years ago- homemade garlic bread and tomato sauce with a box of pasta and homemade hamentashen. People were so happy to get “real” food that would actually serve a whole family. =)

  29. i love 2 of the ideas. last year i saved the idea about “butterfly bags” as living in los angeles spring (and pesach) is right around the corner from purim. i also liked the idea “Rx Purim”. my son-in-law is a nurse and it would be cute for he and my daughter to wear “scrubs” for purim and make mishloach candy deliveries in pill boxes.

  30. Jacqueline says

    I love the butterfly bags!

  31. Jacqueline says

    I pinned the post.

  32. Jacqueline says

    I’m following Kosher on a Budget!

  33. We love camping, and I think that the s’mores are adorable!

  34. My favorite is the Movie Night: Popcorn, candy and soda, wrapped up in popcorn boxes

  35. Miriam Hecht says

    Love the briyas Haolam idea- very creative!!!

  36. Miriam Hecht says

    Also pinned the post and follow you on Pinterest

  37. Love the Israel#1 theme, always love getting delicious homemade food during the day!

  38. I shared the link on Facebook too!

  39. Chani Pinson says

    S’mores kits are my fav

  40. Chani Pinson says

    Pinned on pinterest

  41. I like the rainbow one with the twizzlers and gold coins

  42. I pinned it on Pinterest

  43. Following on Pinterest

  44. Chani Pinson says

    Followed you on Pinterest as well 🙂

  45. Follow you on Pinterest, Facebook. I’ve tried many of your ideas and I liked the s’more kit! Fish and chips is another cute idea in a fish shaped box or a fish shaped plate!

  46. Rachel schwartz says

    I like the rainbow twizzlers with gold coins– a pot of gold!

  47. The breakfast bites and pizza kit ideas are really cute!

  48. I shared the post on fb 🙂

  49. I love the Butterfly Bags