New Arnold’s Sandwich Thins $.55 Off Coupon

Thanks, Caroline, for the heads up about this hot new coupon for $.55 off Arnold’s Sandwich Thins.

(For whatever sad reason, I’ve never seen these with a hechsher in Kansas City – I guess we don’t rate for the OU-produced ones. 🙁 )


  1. What zipcode? I don’t see these under mine.

  2. Weird – switched it to 30030 and found it. If you want with a hechsher, maybe you need to come to the other side of the state 😉 (Though I’m pretty sure it’s a chof-K hechsher, not the OU).

  3. 34677 also works 🙂

  4. My zip didn’t work either. I had to use 30030 to find it!

  5. Trader Joe’s makes a kosher version as well btw.

  6. my zip code did not work either – thanx for the tip I used yours. is there a way to see all the coupons no matter what zip code?

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