Otterbox Defender Case for iPhone 5/5s – $9.98, Shipped

Otterbox Defender for iPhone 5 and 5s

This looks like a crazy good deal on an iPhone case.

Get the Otterbox Defender case for your iPhone 5 (or 5s) for just $6.99 + $2.99 for shipping.

The same cases are selling for $20 & up on Amazon right now!

One “fit” issue I wanted to point out in case you don’t read the fine print — It looks like the iPhone 5 case fits the iPhone 5s, with one exception, which is that it’s not compatible for TouchID. I don’t have either of these phones, so I can’t comment personally on how big a deal this is – but if you have any input, please leave a comment.

Please note: The Otterbox Defender Series for iPhone 5 is not compatible with TouchID for the iPhone 5s. This is due to the piece of protective silicone that covers the iPhone’s home button for maximum protection.


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