Sale: Save up to 80% at Select Kosher Restaurant sells deeply discounted vouchers to many restaurants nationwide.

As I’ve said before, I always just assumed that the vouchers would be for restaurants that aren’t kosher, but I recently learned that I was WRONG. (Love when that happens 🙂

There are a limited number of kosher restaurants in select markets, including:

Cherry Grill in Cherry Hill, NJ – Get $25 off a $40 bill, for just $2 (which means you will pay just $17, including the voucher, for a $40 tab!)

Five Town Grill in New York – $50 off a $100 bill, for just $4 (you will pay just $54 for a $100 tab!)

17 Restaurant & Sushi Bar in Miami – $25 off a $35 bill for just $2 (you will pay just $12 for $35 tab!)

Panini Cafe in Las Vegas – $25 off a $45 bill for just $1 (you pay just $21 for a $45 tab!)

Here’s how to get your voucher:

  • Search for restaurants in the city of your choice
  • Select your voucher value of choice
  • Don’t forget to tip on the full value of your tab 😉

Have you ever purchased a voucher? How was your experience in the restaurant?

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