Rosh Hashana Giveaway Week, Day #3: $50 to Kosher Kouponz

Groupon. Living Social. Save More. Plum District. Rue La La. The list of deal-a-day sites goes on and on. They are the hottest thing right now in the deal world. So, it should come as no surprise that this deal niche has gotten even niche-er with the proliferation of Jewish / kosher deal a day sites.

One of my favorites is Kosher Kouponz. They currently target local deals to New Jersey, NYC & the Bronx, Queens & the 5 Towns, and Los Angeles, but they also have a number of national deals for us “out-of-towners”. (Not for nothing, but I totally bristle at that moniker.)

For example, you might remember this deal at Judaica Seeds (we got a new kiddush cup from that one) or this one for AviGlatt. They’ve even got the occasional deal in Israel!

Regardless of where you live, today’s giveaway will allow one lucky winner to take advantage of some seriously stellar deals at Kosher Kouponz – because you will get $50 in Kosher Kouponz credits.

Are you ready to get great deals for FREE? I thought so!

Today there are SIX ways you can enter this giveaway. The first one is MANDATORY — just leave a comment on this post telling me your favorite deal you’ve scored from any deal-a-day site. Never bought through one before? That’s okay – just tell me that in your comment.

The other five entries are optional. You can do one, two or all five. The more ways you enter, the better your chances of winning! Simply follow the instructions on this cool new giveaway tool called Rafflecopter (it’s all the rage in the blogosphere, so I’m pumped to give it a whirl.)

  • Like KOAB on Facebook – if you’re already a fan, just check that box
  • “Like” this post to share it on your Facebbok wall
  • Follow KOAB on Twitter
  • Follow Kosher Kouponz on Twitter
  • Tweet about this giveaway on Twitter – it’s already set up with the text for you.

Completing all six entries shouldn’t take you more than 60 seconds. And if you win the $50, I’d say that’s a mighty fine ROI! 😉

Each day this week, I am hosting one (and in some cases two) Rosh Hashana giveaways. The giveaways will be open until next Tuesday, September 20 at 11:59 CST. You can complete the entries for each giveaway one time only. The winners of all the giveaways will be announced next Wednesday.

Disclaimer: Kosher Kouponz will provide the winner with a $50 credit that never expires. The winner must be a registered member of Kosher Kouponz to receive their credit. You can sign up for Kosher Kouponz here. I am an affiliate of Kosher Kouponz, which means I get a (very small) commission if you purchase a deal that I promote on my blog. I was not compensated to run this giveaway. All glowing opinions of Kosher Kouponz’s out-of-towner deals are my own.


  1. my favorite deal-a-day deals are the ones for kosher groceries or movie tickets. it’s nice to see the dc-area kosher grocers participate.

  2. I haven’t really jumped into the deal-a-day world yet.

  3. My favorite (and only I have used so far) is for the local coffee roaster/cafe.

  4. I’ve never bought one of those deals!

  5. I enjoy jewpon, living social and groupon. My favorite deals are the 10 for 20 vouchers.

  6. Larry Lennhoff says

    The app is confusing. Anyway I don’t do anything with twitter, so so much for those chances. My favorite deal so far was winning a free gift certificate to EstiHana on KosherKouponz.

  7. I got a deal for a hot air balloon ride! It is scheduled for the day after Yom Kippur – I am so stoked!

  8. i just got $20 for only $10 at Whole Foods.

  9. I love any time the deals are for a kosher restaurant or supermarket around here. I always buy 4!

  10. I love the kosher deal a day deals for discounts at kosher supermarkets like Supersol.

  11. got some great local kosher restaurant deals. Thanks!!!

  12. My favorite deals are the $10 for $20 deals. I have bought several of them!

  13. $4 fandango tickets and free rentals at redbox!

  14. I bought a Groupon for an eye exam and new glasses for $50. I had been putting it off since I didn’t have vision insurance, so this was a very good deal for me!

  15. I’ve been getting a few $20 for $10 at kosher stores here in LA. I just got the whole foods one, thanks!

  16. Haven’t done a deal-a-day yet.

  17. Terri Singer says

    I like jewpon and have purchased music and other services 🙂

  18. I haven’t used a deal-a-day site yet, but I’ve been interested!

  19. Zoobooks, 2 year subscription for $20. Great deal!

  20. I like the kosher restaurants and grocery deals. I’ve gotten a free Hagaddah from a deal site.

  21. My favorite was a while ago for I have bought a couple of things off of living social, groupon and jewpon.

  22. grocery deals

  23. My fave deal of the day was when groupon had a deal for nordstrom rack… $25 for $50. It was perfect for me since I LOVE that store 🙂

  24. I just got the $10 for $20 at Whole Foods deal on Living Social for FREE!!!
    Love it!

  25. I got Cirque de Soliel tickets on Living Social. Unfortunately I had to give them away!

  26. A cheap chiro visit in Hawaii when I truly needed it.

  27. I loved the Amazon and Barnes and Noble Deals that were even sweeter because of swagbucks and friends who also bought the deals!

  28. My siblings and I bought a coupon for my mother to have a massage, since she loves them. She still hasn’t gotten, it though…

  29. I’m a huge Groupon fan. I bought one for a local furniture store ($50 for $150 worth of merchandise) and got some great nightstands for our guest room.

  30. Never bought any deal a day. It actually makes me a bit nervous. But if I win, I promise to score a deal

  31. We got a coupon for a 4 course meal!

  32. i love all those sites and belong to all of them
    every morning i wake up to 20 emails on whats going on

  33. I got a prix menue meal for 2 at a fancy resturaunt for only 75$ I got to feel like a fancy lady for the night! Was great deal, I think from living social.

  34. My favorite deal a day was for a local furniture store. I needed a high riser bed from there anyway, it wasn’t in my budget at the time, but then they had a $200 value for $100 coupon. It was exactly what I needed and saved me half on something I was going to buy anyway!

  35. My favorite is the coupon to my local grocery store!

  36. I liked one I got for ebay.

  37. My favorite deal was a mani/pedi. I NEVER get those done, so it was extra nice to treat myself.

  38. I purchased a Groupon for $10 for $20 worth of books, etc.
    I love the deals for the big names such as, gap, old navy

  39. I think my favorite score so far has been a $9.00 oil change! 🙂

  40. I think the only thing I’ve actually purchased was a photo ditatizing service as a birthday present for my mom. I keep having high hopes of stitch steals though-which is a deal site for sewing/fabric crafty types. Haven’t bought anything yet, though!

  41. A carving set (currently being saved for Pesach) from Froobi.

  42. bought a few restaurant deals, don’t remember which one was the best

  43. 5 enjoy the city books for $20 with $100 worth of winn dixie coupons… and then 3 friends bought from my link so mine was FREE!!

  44. Sooo many…but I’ll go with the discounted massage.

    I cant wait to get my bowsnappers

  46. Eva Sandorfy says

    Two coupons for a shaitel wash for half off.

  47. The 2 nights at a quiet b&b has been my favorite so far

  48. discounts on kosher establishments are our favorites–such as 2 dozen bagels for the price of one or ice cream discounts. also some sites
    offer a purchase that matches your purchase for a charitable donation

  49. i subscribe to jdeal, jewpon, and kosherkoupons. i have gotten deals on restaurants, magazines, and a trial membership at my local “curves”. i like the deal on my subscription for bitayvon magazine the best

  50. Hmmm. I think the “Jewpon” for camp labels was the best deal financially, but the sharp discount to a local paint-me-pottery place was more fun. Let’s not forget the deal on Zumba classes. Seriously, I’m supposed to pick ONE?