Rosh Hashana Giveaway Week, Day #4: Stunning “Shehecheyanu” Banner for Your Sukkah ($60 Value) – 2 Winners!

I know that this is supposed to be the Rosh Hashana Giveaway Week, but seeing as how Rosh Hashana is really the gateway to three more weeks of yomtov fun, I thought it would be okay to throw in a Sukkot gift, too! Hope you don’t mind. πŸ˜‰

The wonderful folks at The Sukkah Project (have you taken advantage of their exclusive KOAB code for 5% off your sukkah and accessories orders?) are giving away two of these beautiful “Shehecheyanu” banners for your sukkah.

Shehecheyanu (2009) by Flora Rosefsky, depicts the familiar blessing recited upon a first time happening such as lighting the first Hanukkah candle, hanging a Mezuzah or– as in this case–fulfilling the annual Mitzvah to sit in the Sukkah.

Digitally printed on weather-proof nylon fabric suitable for outdoor exposure. Banner isΒ  19 inches wide and 41 inches high, with dowel pockets top & bottom for hanging (dowels included).

If you would like to be one of TWO lucky Kosher on a Budget readers to win this Shehecheyanu banner, please leave a comment on this post telling me about your sukkah-decorating style. (For eg., Our sukkah is a real hodge podge, but I love our painted-on art gallery.)

Sorry, but this giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.

Each day this week, I am hosting one (and in some cases two) Rosh Hashana giveaways. The giveaways will be open until next Tuesday, September 20 at 11:59 CST. You can enter each giveaway one time. The winners of all the giveaways will be announced next Wednesday.

Disclaimer: The Sukkah Project will provide one banner to each of the two winners. I was not compensated in any way for hosting this giveaway, nor instructed to share positive opinions of the Shehecheyanu Banner. Those opinions are all my own!


  1. I am very big on Sukkah decorations, that was always my job growing up. We used to put all the Rosh Hashana cards we got into ziploc baggies (so if it rained they wouldn’t get ruined) and hang those up adding new ones each year.

  2. Growing up, we would tape all the Rosh Hashana cards to panels and hang them form the sukkah. Now, my parents also laminate beautiful Jewish calendar pages to hang.

  3. No sukkah decorating style here. We really don’t have any decorations, except what my three year old will make in school this year. Last year I bought some plastic fruit to hang, but that’s about it.

  4. We have a few nice laminated posters from the Judaica store, but mostly it’s the Rosh Hashanah/Sukkot art projects the kids have done through the years. Unpacking the Sukkot decorations each year is a trip through memory lane!

  5. Why tell you when I can show you?!?

    Last year I was solely in charge of decorating the sukkah of my in-laws… I had to use their old decorations, though. If it were up to me, I’d do a string-light style all across the top. I have a friend who has canvas sukkah walls and they paint them each year…That’s awesome!

  6. Our sukkah hasn’t had much decorating. Last year was the first time we did it, and we had such a bad storm that it all got torn down :(. My kids are very excited to make decorations this year, so it’s going to be up to them!

  7. Sukkah decoration is best for us when we mix the old with the new. I have many pieces of colorful wax fruit that was in a bow,l on the table, at my home when I was a child. Every time Sukkah comes around, I get to fondly remember the warmth of the holidays at home. Also, we saved and laminated many of our children’s Sukkah art projects from when they were small. Each year they become more precious. Then to top it off, we love having the children of friends add some new artwork, to make the holiday feel fresh and special.

  8. Lauren Gerofsky says

    Living in “Amish Country”, Pennsylvania, there is an abundance or fall harvest decor to choose from for our sukkah. We fill it with pumpkins, gourds, potted mums, even a scarecrow. In our Sunday School’s sukkah we have calendar pages and Rosh HaShanah cards too!

  9. kids’ artwork.

  10. Sukkot is my favorite holiday! My girls love to do art projects, some of which have weathered the weather over the years! We always make new projects every year. We love hanging fake fruit, etc. from the top and we hang cards and other projects on the sides. When I serve, I use paper goods that are fallish. LOVE LOVE LOVE this holiday!

  11. Last year was our first Sukkah in our house and my mother-in-law helped with all the decorations. It was very hodge podge with things from the dollar store! This year, our son started nursery school so he should be making some lovely decorations for our Sukkah!

  12. my favorite decoration is that we string holiday lights that usually are used for a tree in december (for someone else’s holiday) around the entrance to our sukkah. it is so festive looking

  13. My sukka decorating style is lights lights and lights… I put lights on everyhitng… flashing lights, glow in the dark ones, any kind i can find. I love it. it gives the sukka a kool effect espcailly at night

  14. We’ve been eating at family and just bought a new sukkah this year. Looking forward to building our decoration collection!

  15. we have been just putting up some bought signs and posters but now that our daughter is almost 3 we are looking forward to hanging up her projects this year!

  16. We use the kids’ school projects and then some natural fall-season decorations- pumpkins, vines, and the like.

  17. My DH buys one laminated poster every year…and then we have all the wonderful things the younger kids bring home, and everything that hasn’t mildewed since the previous year.

  18. We had to get rid of all of our decorations after a big storm last year where our sukkah collapsed on the first day. So, Michaels was having a 50% off fall sale and I bought lots of beautiful leaves and fake fruit to hang up.

    • Oh, that sounds like a perfect idea! That and a bunch of little white lights strung around sounds perfect! Assuming, of course, that you will have electricity. =)

  19. So far we have had almost all exclusive kids decorations in the sukkah. I try to buy one or two well made decorations each year to keep the stash growing.

  20. We use lots of fall decor , strings of holiday lights and a few laminated posters. This year I want to get some fake fruit to hang from the roof.

  21. Well what I’d really love to do is paint a Jerusalem skyline on one wall, but the other idea (since I’m not all that artistic) is to do this but with pictures of our Gedolim on each panel …

  22. My style is pretty traditional, with a big focus on pictures of Eretz Yisrael and traditional Sukkos scenes. I’ve been a bit peeved later that the local stores only sell posters without ANY GIRLS in them, not even illustrated girls, so winning this would be awesome!

  23. Every year we take a picture of our family in the sukkah, and then we laminate it to add to our decorations. Even though we’ve moved a lot, there is a piece of everywhere we have lived in our sukkah. It’s also nice to watch our family grow.

    • Now, THAT is a GREAT IDEA!!! We will be camping out with the families in our fellowship this year. This is the first time we’ll be hosting our own group feast and we’ll be at one of the homes which is right outside of city limits so it will be PERFECT to get a GROUP PHOTO and make copies for everyone!!! I’m so grateful you shared, Adrea! Thank you!

  24. All of our decorations got destroyed last year when our sukkah blew over the first day. Michaels was having a 50% off sale so I got some beautiful leaf garlands and fake fruit.

  25. lots of lights, fake fruit garlands, rosh hashannah cards, etc….

  26. We have a beautiful sukkah with lattice sides so our decorations have always been pretty minimal, but I’m hoping to spruce things up a little this year now that my daughters are older. Thanks for this beautiful give away.

  27. our style could be characterized as “Zevi-chic”. Zevi is my six year old and, with the exception of the plastic fruit and leaves I bought years ago at the dollar store and our colored lights, all our decorations are things he has made in school over the years :-p

  28. Love the lights — but now want to try the mural idea that others posted!

  29. We are (finally!) in a house and working toward our own Sukkah. We were hoping to build one this year, but we just can’t swing the cost. We use our Temple’s Sukkah for now. (In fact, my daughter is already making paper chains for it!) But, in anticipation, we have some laminated artwork from our preschooler, some plastic fruits and vegetables and some leaf garlands. I’ll snag some white twinkle lights when they’re on sale in January and add that to our “Sukkah Stash”. It’s fun to get the items together in anticipation of having our own Sukkah!

  30. Rebecca–that’s a great idea! We purchased a plastic pre-fab sukkah when we last moved (10 years ago). While it’s very easy to set up; and it’s very sturdy, it’s frustrating to decorate. Nothing sticks for longer than a day on the textured-plastic walls. This banner is perfect for me! I think I can hang it from the top edge of the wall. It would really liven up our timid sukkah!

  31. Rebecca Starr says

    We are homemade all the way…Kids artwork, Rosh Hashana cards, Leftover vines and squash from the garden.

  32. Our style is more is better. We collect interesting stuff from all our travels (like chinese lanterns from San Fran China town, wacky lights – pink flamingos, fruit etc), we hang up all our Rosh HaShanah cards and my girls make lot s of decorations. They love to put stickers all over the SUkkah (it is wooden) and even color on it – I say bring it on. We also have lots of fall stuff we’ve collected. Our Succah is large and the banners would be great. Oh and we have posters of Israel. Eclectic!

  33. This is only the second Sukkot since I started being observant, and I live in an apartment, so I’ve never had a sukkah! I think the favorite style I’ve seen in others are with family art everywhere. To me holidays, at the very core are about community, and your smallest community is your family, so I think that our kids and their contributions have a place in every celebration.

  34. Our best Sukkah decorations are the collection of artwork that my kids have made over the years. I also like to hang wicker baskets and pretty lights. I have been wanting to paint a scene of Yerushalayim on a wall for a long time – maybe this will be the year that I do it!

  35. I love this giveaway!!! We use beautiful Sukkah lights, which they happen to start stocking in the stores around Sukkot, and often buy on clearance way after Chanukah (I can’t figure out why they wait so long for the Sukkah lights to go on clearance… πŸ˜‰ ) and we use Perler Beads to make hangings, which are so much fun.

  36. No particular style for us either. We have a few decorations and posters, but leave the rest up to the kids really.

  37. At the end of the summer one year, Target had these gorgeous light garlands that have spheres made from branch-looking material (on clearance, 75% off, of course!). They’re a nice addition to our (fake) fruits and greenery.

  38. We use white Xmas lights (l’havdil) all around the perimeter of the sukkah. It adds light and something different. The kids add in their decorations – chains, pictures, wall art etc each year. WE LOVE Sukkos too!

  39. This is the first year our family will be putting up a sukkah (thanks to a very nice friend who gave us a sukkah). We will be decorating with our kid’s artwork from preschool and probably a few things I will pick up after reading the comments above.

  40. This is our first year with our own sukkah too, but growing up, decorating my parents’ sukkah was serious business! We hung lots of plastic fruit and tinsel chains and dangly things.

  41. I love decorating for succos, every year I think of a theme or a color to start with and then I go to michaels and bring it all together.

  42. I had a sukkah for two years in graduate school, and now it’s on semi-permanent loan to friends until I have a place to put it up again — and I get to visit it each year πŸ™‚

    For decorations, I love twinkle lights, images of shivat haminim (seven species), and more, but my favorite decoration is really the guests.

  43. Leaf garlands from Michael’s, posters, lights…whatever we can find!

  44. We live in an apartment so we pretend our terrace is a succah. My boys love to make those chains of construction paper rings and we hang the pictures they made in school.

  45. Well, I’ve never decorated a Sukkah before. The first year, we used our RV. The next year, a tiny leaking tent. Yuck! This year, my husband is designing and building our first real Sukkah and I can hardly wait! I’m thinking I’ll go traditional and natural. Boring, perhaps…but that’s what is in my mind right now. I don’t know why but something with gauze and tans and browns, almost African (as I would imagine that to be). Thanks for getting me to think about it…now, I’m more excited than ever!

  46. At the end of summer, when all the light garlands are on sale, I get another one. We link them all together – they look beautiful! We often hang up dried corn, too, and then our most frequent guests are the squirrels! We have the fattest squirrels in the neighborhood!

  47. We primarily decorate with Jewish theme posters. However grandpa was in the wine business so on top we hang a gazillion small left over wine bottles and that makes our sukkah very special.

  48. So far, I use pomegranate lights and cards, but I have been wanting these banners for years… πŸ™‚

  49. I am embarrassed to say we haven’t done much and the last two years couldn’t have a sukkah. Usually the decorations are homemade and not very weather resistant. I will be gathering ideas and starting our collection of decorations this year.

  50. A couple of strings of fruit lights, bought years ago at Target. (If you are looking for unusual light strings, they are most plentiful in stores in May and June.)