Rosh Hashana Giveaway Week, Day #4: Stunning “Shehecheyanu” Banner for Your Sukkah ($60 Value) – 2 Winners!

I know that this is supposed to be the Rosh Hashana Giveaway Week, but seeing as how Rosh Hashana is really the gateway to three more weeks of yomtov fun, I thought it would be okay to throw in a Sukkot gift, too! Hope you don’t mind. ๐Ÿ˜‰

The wonderful folks at The Sukkah Project (have you taken advantage of their exclusive KOAB code for 5% off your sukkah and accessories orders?) are giving away two of these beautiful “Shehecheyanu” banners for your sukkah.

Shehecheyanu (2009) by Flora Rosefsky, depicts the familiar blessing recited upon a first time happening such as lighting the first Hanukkah candle, hanging a Mezuzah or– as in this case–fulfilling the annual Mitzvah to sit in the Sukkah.

Digitally printed on weather-proof nylon fabric suitable for outdoor exposure. Banner isย  19 inches wide and 41 inches high, with dowel pockets top & bottom for hanging (dowels included).

If you would like to be one of TWO lucky Kosher on a Budget readers to win this Shehecheyanu banner, please leave a comment on this post telling me about your sukkah-decorating style. (For eg., Our sukkah is a real hodge podge, but I love our painted-on art gallery.)

Sorry, but this giveaway is open to U.S. residents only.

Each day this week, I am hosting one (and in some cases two) Rosh Hashana giveaways. The giveaways will be open until next Tuesday, September 20 at 11:59 CST. You can enter each giveaway one time. The winners of all the giveaways will be announced next Wednesday.

Disclaimer: The Sukkah Project will provide one banner to each of the two winners. I was not compensated in any way for hosting this giveaway, nor instructed to share positive opinions of the Shehecheyanu Banner. Those opinions are all my own!


  1. Chava Verduzco says

    Our family is newly Jewish, and last year was the first year that we weren’t living abroad, volunteering on a farm, or in a tiny apartment. We were thrilled to build our first sukkah! It was pretty basic: simple wooden frame, bamboo top my husband harvested himself (I’m a proud wife), and sheets for the three walls. We had our daughter Noa’s birthday party in it, but we lacked any decorations (except for the whole household’s pillow supply, which was lovely). This year we want to up the ante!

  2. I try to collect things throughout the year when I see them on clearance, but we definitely don’t have a style or theme. If anything, it’s, anything goes! We too are heavy on the decorations made by the kids over the years. They really do get a thrill seeing what they made when they were younger and marveling at how far they’ve come!

  3. This year we will have our very first Sukkah EVER! And…I am not sure how we are decorating yet. Yes…I know, time is ticking! The banner you show is very beautiful, the artist did a good job!

  4. My daughter’s made some gorgeous decorations by covering styrofoam balls with silk flowers and then adding drop crystals to the bottom. They hang by ribbons from the schach and give the sukkah a really elegant look.

  5. Google tells me they are called “kissing balls”. Just add a drop crystal (actually sold as crystal “icicles” for an Xmas tree) and hang them from the schach:

  6. [Please mentally edit out that ‘s in the first post. DaughterS. The former editor in me is cringing and there is no edit function!]

  7. we dont do anything special just some posters and pretty decorations….

  8. At the nursing home where I work, I am responsible for decorating the huge sukkah that we put up for the hundreds of Jewish residents who live here. That project takes so much energy that my own sukkah is never decorated. I am just thrilled that it gets put up.

  9. I’m a fan of the different simanim people put up. But my decorations vary by year.

  10. I love to use pretty silky type fabrics to decorate the walls.

  11. Larry Lennhoff says

    We hang some fishnet from the roofbeam that stretches to the ground. When young children want to decorate the sukkah they can put the decorations on the fishnet with a twist tie so that an adult does not have to lift the kid.

  12. Our is usually very natural: apples, squash from the garden, a felt poster one of the children made years ago. I would LOVE to win a poster to add to our decorating. I’d also like to get one or two of those hanging grape lights!

  13. Lots and lots of twinkle lights! And some garlands of those shiny atumny leaf decoration things that are in stores this time of year.

  14. Terri Singer says

    my children make different decorations…but the banner would be awesome too!
    thanks for all the giveaways!

  15. I love laminating our Rosh Hashanah cards and using them to decorate!

  16. plain large sheets hang down over the open side of ours, and if you gather them in the middle it looks like beautiful curtains!

  17. Eva Sandorfy says

    We put up lots of decorations, some are in frames, one paticular is that my daughter made many years ago, of the guests we welcome each night and we also have very colorful decorations all over. It’s truly beautiful and a pleasure to seat in it.

  18. We have a few child-made decorations. Mostly we have leaf garland and metallic leaves hanging down. This year I bought a set of lights that look like bunches of grapes. Should be fun!!!

  19. This year, we are putting up our very first sukkah. We have no decorations or hand me downs from family or friends. We would love to have this sign to hang in our new sukkah!

  20. We have a few posters hanging up, and then the rest of the decorations were made by my kids. One of my favorite ones we made at home. I saved a bunch of used up CD roms from work that had no room left on them and weren’t needed anymore. (Before jump drives.) Then I had my kids paint all sorts of different designs on the front of them. The back side was left alone, since it’s reflective. We strung them together and hung them from the top of the succah. They spin in the breeze, and it’s really pretty.

  21. We use local palm fronds, and sometimes eave them into the lattice walls. we have kids over to string colored pasta, put sparklies on old cds, and make perler bead decorations. We’ve also done shrinky dinks. we have one shiny colorful sukkah that catches all the light.

  22. Sukkoth is our favorite holiday. Our walls are made of colorful blankets we picked up in India and the kids decorate the ceiling with lights and streamers. After the Yommim Tovim have passed, there is nothing like sitting out there for hours with the chimney burning in the corner and a nice glass of wine in hand. It really is a place of respite.

  23. I’d love to win this for our new family Sukkah–it is one of the most lovely Sukkah decorations I’ve ever seen. Wishing all of your subscribers (and you!) a Happy Yom Tov season.

  24. TP in Houston says

    We still haven’t gotten our own sukka yet ๐Ÿ™ We are hoppers ๐Ÿ™‚
    But be”H when we get our own sukka I think I will be looking into some good quality pictures that I can keep year to year.

  25. Over the years we have made all our decorations. It’s fun to see how they have changed as my little one has gotten older. We live in South Florida where it usually rains throughout Sukkot, so laminating everything (even paper chains) is a must! Thanks to your 5% discount at the Sukkah Project we will be decorating a brand new sukkah this year — it took ONLY a few days from the same we placed the order until the moment the sukkah arrived at our door! THANK YOU!

  26. We love bold colors, banners and posters. I’ve even switched to using bamboo schak b/c it’s easier to hang stuff. Last year we hung up a batik print my in-laws brought back from India. It totally elevated the feeling in the space… it became a little more luxurious and welcoming. I think we’ll continue to incorporate more cloth elements in our decorating ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. WE hang up stuff my kids make in school.

  28. our sukkah is filled w/ a hodge podge of decorations, but as the kids get older it is more and more the things they have drawn or created.

  29. Our sukkah is filled with kids’ school projects. Now that we have a laminator…

  30. Terri Singer says

    my daughter cuts out the art pieces from the old Chabad calendar each year we tape or hang from the walls

  31. Jennifer Barnes says

    Our Sukkah growing up was filled with my saran wrap traced pics with marker taped over tin foil to make it “pop”. We always had the best time decorating. As a mom, I don’t stick to one style. I throw EVERYTHING in. To me, it’s should be a fun, exciting experience. We inherited our sukkah from the home’s previous owners and I love knowing that it was custom built by a frum Architect for ease of construction and really big!

  32. We have never put up a sukkah before, so this year will be our first. This banner would be a great start.

  33. Our sukkah style like our house is “whatever I like”, but a lot of kids stuff. I love this banner!

    The door of our sukkah is an old sheet with traced handprints of my kids in permanent marker… with bigger handprints added (and labeled) every year. It is my favorite part of putting up the sukkah, and my favorite part of our decorations.

  34. Jill Sanderson says

    Over the years I’ve used everything and anything the children made at school. I also use New Years cards,plastic fruit, string lights. I try to laminate whatever can be done (’cause it usually rains). I love Flora’s work! I used to work in a Judaicia store where they carried her work! Love it! I’d be honored to hang it in our succah!!

  35. This is our first year with a Sukkah (from Sukkah Project!!). We plan to decorate it with all our kids art work!!!

  36. Chaya Phillips says

    It always rains and at times we have hurricanes during Succos. The decorations that aren’t falling apart seem to dry out and last from year to year. My children create new decorations to add to the old each year depending on their mood. It’s still one of our favorite holidays and enjoy the natural palm frond schach we cut from our neighbors’ trees. The banners would be a big hit in our Florida sukkah!

  37. This will be our very first sukkah! I grew up in the city and never had one as a kid. My husband is now starting the conversion process. We are going to build our very first one this year for our 2-year old and our newborn , so that they can grow up with tradition!

  38. Unfortunately, we have not been able to build a sukkah in our apartment complex. The kids do like to decorate the house and the patio, though.

  39. My favorite part of decorating the sukkah is taking out the kids art projects – they love to see how their artwork has changed over the years.

  40. love to have a nicey decorated sukkah sing prmade posters and some other premade things as I have no patients/creativity to make my own but can’t wait this year to hang my daughters stuff that she will make in school. I am hoping to have time and patients and get creativa and mak something with her that we can hang

  41. I decorate using all of my kids’ decorations accumulated over the years.
    It is very sentimental and every year when I decorate our sukkah, I realize how much they have grown.

  42. We are all about the pre-school projects!

  43. We hang fake fruit and fall-looking flowers, leaves, corn, etc. from the ceiling and walls.

  44. We all help decorate our Sukkah-laminated posters, greeting cards, plastic fruit and foil decorations hanging from the top, white rope lights and the children’s school projects!

  45. Don’t have a sukkah yet!

  46. Our Sukkah is pretty bare bones right now – we have one panel that’s a hand painted Jerusalem scene, but the rest of the walls are eagerly waiting some more kids’ projects. Now that they’re at the age when they can actually make something, hopefully we’ll fill up the sukkah a bit more and rely less on Chrismas decorations and hanging fruit.

  47. I go all Israel-themed and agricultural in our sukkah. I hang up fake fruit and posters of Israel and string up Xmas lights…and try to get the kids to do something arts-and-craftsy for it (they are 3 and 2). Normally I don’t have a decorative bone in my body but for some reason Sukkot brings out the interior designer in me…

  48. I decorate using all of my kids school and homemade decorations.

  49. Our succah is a mix of posters and fabric hangings with some fake fruit and greenery hanging from the schach

  50. carolyn kraus says

    Succot is one of my favorite holidays. Eating in a sukkah with this beautiful banner would make it extra special.