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School Supply Deals Round-Up: 7/17/11 – 7/23/11

Are you participating in the Back-to-School Challenge? This is a great week to pick up some super cheap school supplies on your list. Here's a look at the best deals I see this week. Office Depot Freebies 3M Post-It Super Sticky … [Read more...]

*Hot* Staples Back-to-School Sales Starting Sunday

Aaaaah, Staples. How I love your penny days. Looks like I'll be able to cross off a good chunk of my school supply list at Staples on Sunday. Here's a look at the best deals (which, again, start Sunday, 7/10/11), but you can see a full scan of the ad … [Read more...]

School Supply Challenge: Won’t You Join Me?

I know, I know. Summer just started. It doesn't seem possible that the back-to-school sale season could already be upon us. But judging from the circulars, it most definitely is. If you were around last year, you might remember that I set myself a … [Read more...]

8 Strategies for Saving on School Supplies (or anything else you want to buy)

Yesterday I told you about buying all of my 1st grader's school supplies for just over $5.  I promised to come back today and share my best tips for achieving similar savings on your school supply list - or any other big list of things you need … [Read more...]

Let’s Clear the Hotspots in Our Home! Day 1 (Entryway + Landing Spot)

Are you joining me for our 5 Day Hotspot Challenge this week? WELCOME to Day #1! Here's everything you need to know about this challenge: Each day this week, we'll be tackling one hotspot in our home. If you want to join us, GO HERE to … [Read more...]

Bar Mitzvah on an Intentional Budget | Can It Be Done? (Our Experience)

As promised, I want to share with you all some of the behind-the-scene details from my son's Bar Mitzvah this past Shabbat. I am going to be really honest with you guys about money, even though, quite frankly, it scares me to be this … [Read more...]

Parenting on a Budget? (Advice & Insight from Rabbi Barry Kislowicz)

Guest post by Rabbi Barry Kislowicz Today I am honored to welcome a friend and outstanding educator, Rabbi Barry Kislowicz, the current head of school at Fuchs Mizrachi School. His wonderful family is moving to Israel this summer, but maybe I can … [Read more...]

Will That Great Deal Save You Money? Or Cost You More In the Long Run?

Do you often feel like there are so many good deals out there that it's hard to know when to buy, and when to pass? You're not alone. Here was one such query I got from a KOAB reader recently: How do you manage to take advantage of the different … [Read more...]

31 Days of Decluttering, Day 25: Home Office

Are you decluttering your home, too? I'd love to be able to share your success story with the KOAB community! Please submit the before & after pictures of your decluttering project. The maddening thing about decluttering is that no matter … [Read more...]

How to Teach Gratitude to Your Children

Guest Post by Beth Perkel from Light at the Beginning of the Tunnel Note from Mara: I was thrilled with Beth approached me about writing a guest post for Kosher on a Budget, especially since, on a personal level, this is an issue my family … [Read more...]