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The new KOAB WhatsApp Broadcast Group is the only way to ensure that you never miss a deal! 

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You love the thrill of a great deal. But you hate missing out because the post didn't show up in your Facebook feed, or the daily email arrived too late. So, what can you do? 

Join the KOAB WhatsApp Broadcast Group to get instant notification about all the best deals throughout the biggest sale month of the year. 

Join us now to get all the November deals delivered to your phone for just $4.99. Your membership starts immediately -- so the earlier you join, the more you save.

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Avoid quick sell-outs

Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals start early, but sell out insanely fast. They can be gone within an hour! So if you don't know about the deals immediately, you miss out on the biggest savings.

Updates on the go

You don't need to be chained to your computer to save money! Get udpated wherever you are, whenever the deals go live. Guaranteed.  

Bypass Facebook

How many times have you missed out on a deal because it never showed up in your Facebook feed? It's not just you! Facebook is hiding more and more KOAB updates "thanks" to their new algorithm.  

Never miss a deal

Skip all the Facebook & text alert frustration. Get the very best deals delivered straight to your phone. Guaranteed.

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Free isn't always free

For years, I notified you about hot deals via Twitter's messaging system. Unfortunately, recent changes have rendered this free option nearly worthless. Texts never get sent, or go hours late.

Get what you pay for

I will manually send you each and every deal over the most reliable distribution network available. Guaranteed.  

Frequently Asked Questions 

How does this group work? 

IT'S SIMPLE: You pay only $4.99 to get a full month of deals instantly delivered to your phone (or $2.99 for just the week of Black Friday). As soon as you confirm payment, you will start getting the deals. So if you sign up in October? That's some free bonus deal time for you!

Can I direct message you?

YES! This is one of the biggest benefits of joining the KOAB WhatsApp Broadcast Group. Got a deal request? Shoot me a message, and I'll keep an eye out for you! Got a question about a coupon code or free shipping option? I'm here for you. [P.S. I have to say it: if you spam me, or otherwise abuse this access, I will block you.]

Will I get hundreds of messages?

NO WAY! If you have a love-hate relationship with WhatsApp groups, I get you! I feel this same. Since this a BROADCAST group, not a regular group, the only person you will be hearing from is me! Don't worry: There will be no incoming messages from other group members.

Are there any other benefits?

YOU BETCHA! As a member of the Broadcast Group, you will receive exclusive notification about deals that won't be posted anywhere else -- not on the blog, not on Facebook, and not in email. You will get flash sales and Lightning Deals. And I've even got plans for a BIG Amazon gift card giveaway just for group members!

Want to talk before you sign up? 

No problem! Just send me a message, and I'll get back to you ASAP.


Start saving today for only $4.99.

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