*Stock Up Price* Finish Powerball Tabs Dishwasher Detergent Tablets ($.09 per Tab!)

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  1. FYI: Please be advised that it is generally accepted that detergents that are used in washing food utensils should be kosher and these products have been notorious for containing non-kosher gelatin and thus, pose a relatively serious problem. This one is not certified at all from what I can tell.
    See: https://oukosher.org/faqs/dishwashing-detergent/

  2. The O-U maintains that this particular detergent is not kosher and should not be used, whereas many Finish detergents are fine and even have a hechscher. I bought this on sale once when you posted it, not realizing that it contained non-kosher ingredients, and naively assuming that since you posted it it must be one of the kosher ones, and I was quite disturbed to realize that it’s not ok to use, and it’s of course too expensive to ship back to amazon for a refund. Even if you hold that dishwasher detergents don’t require a hechscher, please refrain from posting something that, if bought by an unassuming reader, could create a big halachic problem by rendering many of their dishes not kosher. I think it falls under the category of being careful not to put a stumbling block before the blind. If many of your readers would not use this detergent, it should not be posted! Thank you!

  3. Esther, as you know, frumkeit has many faces and people hold many different ways. Mara’s readership spans a large range of observance. In order to accommodate this range, she generally follows the halachic opinions of the “big 3 agencies” the OU, the CRC, and the Star-K. All three agencies have stated that dishwashing detergents do not require special certification. If you want to be more machmir than that, more power to you, but al pi halacha, this detergent is fine and Mara has done nothing wrong. Also, a blog is not an appropriate place for a halachic discussion, wouldn’t you agree? Perhaps you should take your comments and criticism offline and email Mara privately.

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