Trader Joe’s Chocolate Chips Are Going Dairy

Thanks to the many readers who let me know that the O-K issued a Kashrut Advisory today that Trader Joe's chocolate chips are no longer being certified parve. They will now be OK-D (non-cholov yisroel). Check your local TJs, as they may still have … [Read more...]

Flourless Molten Chocolate Cake

A huge thank you to Whole Foods Kosher Cook Lévana Kirschenbaum for sharing her scrumptious recipe for Flourless Molten Chocolate Cakes, which are gluten-free year-round and kosher for Passover. If there is anyone who doesn’t go gaga over these … [Read more...]

CVS: MORE Free Chocolate!

In addition to the free Hershey's chocolate I told you about in the CVS deals for this week, the Magic Coupon Machine is also spitting out free coupons for either a free Dove bar or a free Milky Way bar. Yes - and yes. Please! Thanks, Tanya. … [Read more...]

Dairy Free Chocolate Tart with Pretzel Crust

Chocolate is like a food group unto itself -- at least at our house! Get yourself some high cocoa-concentration dark chocolate and you're totally justified in calling it health food! Of course, my kids like milk chocolate, which isn't quite as … [Read more...]