5 Small Ways to Save $235 Per Month

I was contacted recently by the producer of a local NRP show, the Sound of Ideas, about being on a panel of experts to discuss how to live frugally. She started our conversation by asking me a tough question, "Why are you frugal?" Before I … [Read more...]

How Keeping Shabbat Keeps Me Frugal

From a budgeting perspective, it's all too easy to worry about how keeping Shabbat ADDS to the budget. What with all the chicken soup and brisket and dining rooms full of people. But I've found that on a personal (dare I even say spiritual) level, … [Read more...]

Reader Tip: Junk My Car

Thanks to Dodi for sharing this great tip for disposing of an old car and making a few bucks in the process. I just "junked" one of my old cars. It was a 97 Le Sabre (Buick). I tried to do it completely locally, but wound up using … [Read more...]