FREE 3 Branches of Government Poster (Great for Teachers & Homeschoolers)

Calling all teachers and homeschoolers (and poli sci geeks :) )! Right now you can request a free Branches of Government poster for kids from the US Government's Publications Department. And if you're teaching about government, you can't forget … [Read more...]

All About Spelling Review

Even though my family isn't homeschooling this year, All About Spelling and the complementary All About Reading programs still figure prominently in our "afterschooling" routine.In just 15-20 minutes a day, two or three days a week, I can work with … [Read more...]

Get Ready for the Code Review (A Pre-Reading Primer)

My four year-old daughter has shown a real interest in letters, words, and books for well over a year. She's not reading, but she definitely understands that those symbols on the page form the words that I'm saying when I read to her. After being … [Read more...]

A Tour of Our Homeschool Classroom

Our homeschool room is one of my favorite spaces in our house, so I thought I'd kick off my series of homeschooling posts with a tour of the room where the magic happens. Above is the view of our homeschool classroom when you're standing in the … [Read more...]

Homeschooling {on a Budget}

A number of readers have asked me to share more about my family's homeschooling experiences. I've been hesitant until now for a number of reasons, but primary is that fact that we've only been doing this for 18 months and I promise you, we are the … [Read more...]

How I’m Making Homeschooling “Work” This Year

I've been asked by a number of you to share more about our family's homeschooling, and specifically how I make it all "work". Short answer: It's a precarious balancing act.  Before I give the long answer, I want to remind you that this is only … [Read more...]

The Homeschool FAQ

Since mentioning a few days ago that my husband and I decided to homeschool our third- and first-grade sons this year, I've gotten several questions from readers about how (+where, why and even when) we do school. Rather than answer everyone … [Read more...]