Frugal Snack Idea – Homemade Hummus

We like our hummus. It's our years spent in Israel, I suppose, but we consider ourselves rather to be connosieurs. Of course, I'm also busy (and lazy) and usually our "fine taste in hummus" ends up being Sabra from Costco. Not that there's … [Read more...]

Host a House Party for Sabra

Have you heard about house parties? They are all the rage with brands as they work through grassroots marketing channels to raise the profile of their products through word-of-mouth. I'm always envious of those that can apply - because they look … [Read more...]

KOAB Recipe Exchange: Beans, Lentils & Legumes (Hummus)

There is nothing more frugal than beans and lentils. Buy a bag of dried beans and feed your family for a week for, what, less than $2? Beans are the ultimate frugal protein, but can they be fancied up for Shabbat? We eat most of our beans and … [Read more...]