Our September Budget, Including Rosh Hashana & Sukkot = $800

Somehow the first of the month creeped up on me - and then zoomed right past. I owe you all a menu plan post and a budget post. I'm starting with the latter, since I at least done that done already! (Which means, yes, we are flying by the seat of our … [Read more...]

Passover Post-Mortem 2011

Phew. With only one full day of chol ha’moed, all of Passover kind of ran together for me. It was wonderful, but what a whirlwind! Now that Pesach is finished and my kitchen is “turned back over” to chametz, I’m taking a few minutes to reflect … [Read more...]

How to Shop for Passover on a Budget, Part 2 (Guest Post)

With Purim behind us, it's time to turn our attention to the next holiday on the calendar: Pesach! I know I'm still in denial, but I will start making a list soon. In the meantime, Susie from Cheapskate is back with her helpful series on how to shop … [Read more...]