My Weekly Savings: Coupons, Costco & Price Matching

There were a number of really great deals this week that I wanted to be sure I got before Shabbat, so I braved FOUR different stores in one day. And at three of them, I was accompanied by my very "busy" two-year old. This many stores in a week, … [Read more...]

Reader Q&A: Price Matching with Out of Town Stores

Today's reader question comes from Becky in Chicago, who is wondering about price matching with out of town stores. What do you feel about deal/price matching against stores that aren't in the area? For example, my parents live in Detroit, and while … [Read more...]

Great News for Bargain Shoppers ~ Office Supply Stores Price Match!

I was perusing my August issue of All You Magazine yesterday and came across a great article (p. 27) about saving money on school supplies. Most of the tips I'm already putting into practice - and telling you about as well. But there was one … [Read more...]

How to Price Match at Walmart

I've been reading frugal bloggers dish on the wonders of price matching for years. And then Walmart went and released a new price-matching policy, which they've been touting in a series of national ad campaigns. And yet, I'd never taken the PM … [Read more...]