*Don’t Forget!* Make Your Passover 2024 Notes Now (& Check for Clearance)

This is your friendly reminder that if you haven't done so already, NOW is the time to make your notes for next year's Pesach! The best time to do this is as you're packing up your Pesach items, when everything is fresh in your mind. Here's … [Read more...]

*Important Reminder* Make Your Passover 2019 Notes Now (& Check for Clearance)

This is your friendly, annual reminder to make your notes for next year's Pesach TONIGHT! Yes, do it as you're packing up your Pesach items! Here's what I make sure to include in my notes every yaer: What recipes worked? {I made really easy … [Read more...]

Post-Pesach Reminder: Take Good Notes As You Pack Your Boxes

This is just a quick reminder that now is a great time to make yourself some notes for next year's Pesach. What recipes worked? Which ones flopped? Make a note. Did you pack away any unopened food stuffs for next year? Are you taping up and … [Read more...]

Quick Money-Saving Tip for Pesach | Make Notes in Google Calendar

I love my Google calendar. Not only is it great for syncing up all our family's appointments, it's also a wonderful way to set reminders to ourselves. Reminders for things way off in the future. Today, I got that happy little Google calendar … [Read more...]

Quick Money-Saving Tip for Passover | Buy Your Potatoes (& Cabbage) This Week

This Saturday is St. Patrick's day. Which, aside from an abundance of green beer, means that you should also be able to score some seriously inexpensive potatoes and cabbage at your local grocery stores. And we all know that potatoes are the … [Read more...]