And the Winners of $10 Paypal Cash Award & the Hen House Holiday Tickets Are…

Two sets of giveaway winners. One announcement post. I'm all about efficiency this morning. First off, the winner of the $10 paypal cash award for submitting your sukkah to the Virtual Sukkah Hop is Tiffany. She was selected via … [Read more...]

Virtual Sukkah Hop Tour, Part 2

Welcome back to the worldwide sukkah tour! You can visit Part 1 of the tour here. First up, I want to highlight the wonderful bloggers who linked up with pictures of their sukkot! Thanks guys. Here is Organized Jewish Home's absolutely stunning … [Read more...]

Welcome to KOAB’s 1st Annual Virtual Sukkah Hop!

Chag Sameach! Bruchim Ha'Baim! I am so excited to invite you into our sukkah! The frame, cloth walls and half the s'chach are prefab, purchased several years ago in Israel. The rest of our sukkah is homemade (or homegrown, in the case of the … [Read more...]