Weight Loss, Part 5: Discovering My Key

We are nearing the end of my Weight Loss series. If you haven’t already done so, may I suggest that you read this series in order, because today’s post will make a whole lot more sense in that context. What a 50 Pound Weight Loss Looks & … [Read more...]

Weight Loss, Part 3: Surrendering to the Wave

We’re back for part 3 in my weight loss series of how I lost more than 50 lbs – and how I plan to keep it off. Like any good blog series, this one has a lot of back story, which I’ve shared here and here and here. Today, we are pretty much caught … [Read more...]

Weight Loss, Part 1: How Did I Get Here?

Last week, I shared with you this picture and the introduction to my story of weight loss. Unlike many of those "before and after" stories you might read online, there were no 'miracle cures' for me. In fact, the process of losing 50 pounds took 4 … [Read more...]

What a 50 Pound Weight Loss Looks Like – And Feels Like!

Can I share with you something crazy personal? This is me. On the left, in 2012, on a 10 year anniversary trip with my husband to Cape Cod. And that's me again on the right, 3 weeks ago, on the Friday before my son’s Bar Mitzvah. You know those … [Read more...]

Target | Weight Watchers Scale – $12.99

If you're heading over to Target this week, here's a great deal on the Weight Watchers Scale by Conair. But first, be sure to print this new $5 off Weight Watchers Scale by Conair Coupon. Weight Watchers Scale by Conair – $17.99 Use $5/1 … [Read more...]

5 Ways Losing Weight Is Like Getting Out of Debt

Today marks a pretty exciting day for me. I am officially more than half-way to my weight loss goal. On July 1st, I set out to lose 50 pounds. Today, I stepped on the scale and - hooray! - had lost 26 pounds. To celebrate, I'm writing this … [Read more...]