Update on Cook Kosher Promotion: FAQs on Submit 10 Recipes, Get $10 Amazon Gift Card

Many of you have already joined Cook Kosher and have started submitting (or finished submitting) your 10 recipes in order to get a FREE $10 Amazon gift card!

If you haven’t joined yet – or have no earthly idea what I’m talking about – you can check out this post here for more information.

Since there have been a number of questions about the details of this promotion, I followed up with Cook Kosher founder Leah Schapira and wanted to get back to you with the answers.

Q: Can I still get a $10 gift card if I’m already a Cook Kosher member?

A: Yes, just click through THIS LINK to Cook Kosher, then start uploading your recipes. You have until December 31 to upload ten of them. Any recipes you may have uploaded before clicking on THIS LINK will not be counted toward your 10.

Q: Do I need to click thru your link everytime I go to Cook Kosher to upload a new recipe?

A: No, just the first time. Doing so will set a “cookie” and remember that you came from KOAB, so you can get your credit. If you happen to clear your cookies, however, then you will want to come back to KOAB and click THIS LINK to “reset” that cookie.

Q: When will I receive my $10 Amazon gift card?

A: Cook Kosher will send your gift card within 30 days of the end of the promotion – i.e. no later than the end of January. However, Leah has told me that they are doing everything possible to get them out right away. In fact, she sent out six gift cards already this morning! So, hopefully most of you will get your gift card much sooner than then.

Q: Can I qualify for more than one $10 gift card?

A: While you are more than welcome to continue uploading recipes, once you have uploaded your 10th and qualified for your gift card, you are not eligible to receive additional cards.

Q: I finished submitting my 10 recipes, now what?

A: Confirmation of your ten submitted recipes will be sent out the Monday following completion, if not sooner. So, let’s say you upload your 10th recipe on a Wednesday. You can expect to hear from Cook Kosher no later than the following Monday.

Q: Can I submit a recipe that someone else has already submitted?

A: Totally duplicated recipes will be scrubbed. While there are many variations of “brownies”, for example, if your brownies recipe has the exact same ingredients — in the exact same quantities — as another brownies recipes already on CookKohser, then your recipe won’t “count” toward your ten. Keep in mind that while recipes themselves aren’t copyrighted, it’s always a good idea to put your own unique touch on a recipe – even one you previously found online.

Q: How long do I have to submit my recipes?

A: This promotion will run until December 31, 2011. If you upload ten non-duplicated recipes to the CookKosher website by December 31, you will qualify for the $10 Amazon gift card!

How are you guys finding the CookKosher site so far? Have you uploaded any of your recipes already?

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  1. Do we need to click through the link each time we go to upload a recipe, or is once enough?

    • Good question – I just added it into the FAQ. No, just the first time – and then a cookie will be set. If you happen to clear cookies, be sure that you come back through KOAB again, though.

  2. I get this Illegal variable _files or _env or _get or _post or _cookie or _server or _session or globals passed to script. everytime I hit the link or go to cookkosher’s website

  3. I just uploaded 10 recipes (and boy am I happy that I have started saving my best recipes on the computer so it was easy to copy and paste) but want to make sure they all qualify.
    Being that the offer is over on Shabbos? Sunday? will I be notified before Monday to make sure that I have qualified?

    • I know they are confirming once a week on Mondays – so yes, I’d say you should hear by then, if not sooner! I’ll confirm that with the CK folks, tho!

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